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Simplifying your communications plan

A cornerstone of marketing is creating personal and relevant content and connecting to the right people at the right time. iRealty has developed a solution specifically for real estate agents who don’t have time to be news and IT gurus and who want to stay on top of their email marketing.

By | May 20, 2015 | article

Remain your client’s trusted informer

Communicating regularly with your database is going to get you through 2014 and beyond. New Year Resolutions – it’s imperative to set your goals for the year – the act of striving to be even better than you were the year before. The ability to undertake a challenge and be proud to have achieved that goal is paramount to moving forward in your business. The real estate professional who sets a goal to achieve constant engagement with their database is able to achieve growth through a simple commitment to stay in touch.

By | December 15, 2013 | article
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