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Overview Simple builder, stunning emails, smarter insights

Choose your level of tailored design to impress buyers and vendors alike. Create stunning emails and social media posts in minutes. Once your emails are sent, your subscribers' interactions trigger leads that are sent to you identify who is ready to buy and sell.

These leads can be sent instantly as emails or SMS or in a regular report - enabling agents to respond within seconds to important enquiries.

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Stunning emails Tailored and simple designs

Take your marketing to the next level. Our Brisbane design team creates customisable, industry leading email templates, that will impress buyers and vendors alike.

Choose to build your own drag and drop design, perfect for those wanting flexibility without compromising quality. Or a fully tailored template including a design consultation with our team. Check out our design functionality to see how special our email templates are.

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Leads and reports Forget cold calls

Our patented lead technology instantly notifies you of who is actively in market, property enquiries and appraisal requests from your contacts.

Set up recurring reports so you and your team have the warmest leads. Choose from instant leads or a weekly call sheet, we cover appraisals, buyers and return to market interest and more.

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Smarter insights Know who’s ready to buy and sell first

Subscriber Insights
We track every interaction your database has with your emails. From opens, clicks, enquiries and requests we build profiles on those ready to make a move. You see hundreds of contacts but we connect you with the 25 ready to sell and the 9 in need of a property manager.

Property Insights
Impress current and future vendors with property views, interactions and enquiries. Simply log in during a listing presentation or export a report to see top buyer interest from your local database.

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