Feature Update – automate your real estate email marketing By

Schedule a year’s worth of real estate email campaigns in minutes with our updated automation technology.

So, what’s new?

It’s now easier than ever to both connect with potential vendors and landlords and to promote your listings with our Lead Nurture & Property specific categories.

An image of the iRealty system with a module to Choose Automation Type open. Two options are displayed: Lead Nurturing and Property.
iRealty’s automated email categories. Lead Nurturing & Property.

Choose between the following automated options, all auto-filled with content and branded for you:

Lead Nurturing

  • Welcome:
    Welcome new contacts to your database.
  • Survey: 
    Let your contacts tell you what properties they are most interested in. Their answers go back to your reports.
  • Appraisal:
    Ask contacts to register for an in-person appraisal of their home.
  • Rental appraisal:
    Ask contacts to register for an in-person rental appraisal of their investment.
  • Refinance request:
    Ask contacts to submit their details if they’re interested in refinancing.
  • Home Loan Request:
    Ask contacts to submit their details if they’re interested in a home loan.


  • Just Listed
  • Inspections
  • Price Updates
  • Auctions
  • Recent Sales
An animated image of two people scheduling content.
Text: Start saving time with automation. Download the free guide to our top recommended automated customer journeys.

Your automated email campaign can be as tailored as you want with our simplified settings menu. Update your email subject lines, audience and sending details at the click of a button.

An image of the iRealty system, a module is open to the Automation Settings section. Several options are displayed in text. The type of automation, audience details, from email address and sending schedule. Buttons below give the options to Cancel, Confirm & Edit Campaign or Confirm.
Automation settings in the iRealty system.

Or, simply set-and-forget. iRealty’s pre-filled content and settings are designed to impress your contacts, nurture your relationships and convert leads!

Need to make a quick change?

That’s no worries at all. View all of your automated campaigns in one place where you can edit or deactivate at any time.

The Automation page in the iRealty system. A white square button in the top left corner has the text Create New Automation. Next to that several other white squares display other automated campaigns that have already been created in this account: Just Listed, Inspections, Auctions, Recent Sales, Welcome Email, Survey, Appraisal. Each of the automated campaigns have a toggle in the top right corner to switch from active to inactive, a gear icon in the top left corner to go to settings and the time of the next send listed under the title of the campaign.

Want to see our updated automation features in action? Book a time to chat with our team.

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