Introducing the new iRealty By , February 4 2022

It’s official! Today we launched iRealty’s new brand identity.

Over our 20 years in business, our marketing solutions have evolved significantly. We knew it was time for our logo, website and content to reflect those changes.

Yes, we’ve said goodbye to the email icon you’ve come to know because iRealty is now so much more than an email marketing software company. We are a holistic digital marketing software company designed to grow your business through simple, effective and automated social media, email marketing and SMS marketing solutions.

But, before we take a closer look at our new brand, we wanted to share the iRealty story. Let’s explore the evolution of iRealty as a company from its beginning.

The iRealty Story

iRealty began with a simple question. 20 years ago, our founders were chatting with Kevin Turner, future real estate legend who asked – ‘Why isn’t it easier to include property images in emails?’

As has now become something of a tradition in the iRealty office, our founders took this proposition and created a solution. iRealty launched in 2002 as the premier email marketing software for real estate agents across Australia.

Our goal was to streamline the digital marketing process for so many time poor agents, in a way that didn’t just tick boxes but added value to their business.

Our goals remain the same, but, like the industry itself we did not stay stagnant for our 2 decades in business. We have adapted to the growing digital world and the growing needs of agents across Australia and the globe.

And we did it by building relationships with agents and offices; by working within the real estate industry to find solutions to the questions you were all asking.

In 2017 we unveiled a new interface, that we continue to update and adapt to the changing needs of this fast-moving industry.
In 2020, led by the growing need in our industry for simpler social media marketing options, we built iRealty’s social media system. A system that takes the guesswork out of social media advertising for real estate. 
Designed in conjunction with our Pro Team, whose invaluable marketing experience and time working directly with agents led us to a final product that still delivers on the initial goal we had in 2002. 
With this huge evolution behind us and what will be even more growth ahead of us, it’s clear that our brand was in need of a change.
The new iRealty reflects the expansion of our company from email marketing to a total digital approach to real estate marketing.

Our New Brand Identity  

This project has been a year in the making. Every member of our team was involved in reimagining the iRealty brand for 2022 and beyond. 

We worked together to cement our values and what makes us tick as a business. We’re so excited to bring these values into every interaction we have with you.

So, what are the cornerstones of iRealty?

Investment in People

We’re a software company built for real people and we value the relationships we have across the industry. We value your experience as real estate agents. The benefit of our marketing solutions is that they are built in conjunction with you so they’re built to meet your needs. 

Customer Experience

From our next-level customer service and support to our streamlined, effective software, our business is built to make your job easier so customer experience is top-of-mind in everything we do. 


If the iRealty story didn’t make it clear enough for you, adaptability is key in the way we grow our business. We’ve adapted to a changing industry, changing media and, in recent years, to very strange times. But, we don’t just adapt for ourselves, our software and services make it possible for you to adapt in your industry without breaking a sweat.


Innovation goes hand in hand with adaptability! We’ve been here since 2002 for a reason. We’re constantly innovating. In our product and in our processes, we find ways to change the way you think about your marketing to improve your results and grow your business.

We’re so looking forward to continuing to grow with you in 2022 and beyond.

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