That’s a Wrap: The Best Subject Lines, Times to Send and Campaigns of 2021 By

It is that time again where we wrap some key highlights for the year. 2021 came with a lot of ups and downs to say the least. However, we are excited to announce some of the amazing results our clients have achieved and discuss what these campaigns have in common including; times of day, subject lines and content. 

Looking at our data for 2021, the first thing we can say with certainty is that you have killed it this year with your marketing!

In the iRealty system we are seeing fantastic numbers:

  • Over 70 million emails sent
  • 1600 appraisals requested
  • An open rate average above 29%
  • Below 1% unsubscribe rate

On social media as well, agents are achieving 100,000+ post reach with our Brand Booster campaigns and generating 30+ leads with iRealty Property Advertising.

Let’s look more closely at the campaigns that achieved the best results this year.

Email Marketing

We found plenty of commonalities in the email campaigns that achieved the most outstanding results.

1. Subject Lines

Above 29% was our average open rate for the year, but many campaigns achieved open rates well over the average at over 40%. We took a look at the subject lines of these campaigns and discovered they often did one of three things:

  • Enticed contacts with exclusivity
  • Asked a question
  • Provided new information 

Two particular property campaigns outshone the others thanks to their exclusivity. Coming Soon | New Farm Luxury with a 55.7% open rate and First Glimpse – 43 Cook Street, Rozelle with a 54.6% open rate teased opportunities that hadn’t been seen by the majority of buyers. Key terms like Coming Soon and First Glimpse drive contacts to open these emails to be the ‘first in’.

Subject lines like Welcome to the VIP Club with a 47.12% open rate worked similarly. A VIP list or database receiving information that no one else receives is an enticing idea. Plus, VIP marketing fosters an idea of belonging to an ‘in’ group and a sense of status.

Subject lines that ask a question entice users to open your email to find out the answer. Asking Is it time for a new home? helped one office achieve a 47.6% open rate, while Contracts Crashed – is the market changing? offered the perfect balance of providing new information (contracts crashed) while asking a question.

Top tip: When you’re asking a question in your subject line make sure to answer it in the content of your newsletter! The easiest way to rub a contact the wrong way is to not follow through on information you’re promising to provide. Give your readers an answer!

Other subject lines skipped the questions and provided immediate, upfront information that contacts hadn’t heard before. 2021 has been a huge year for the property market and agents took advantage of the continued ups and ups with subject lines that kept contacts up-to-date on the state of the market. Australian housing values increased a further 1.6% in July used clear insightful stats to help achieve a 44.65% open rate.

2. Days & Times to Send

Good open rates and engagement aren’t just about a great subject line. Sending to your database at the right day and time is an all important element of increasing your campaign’s success.

We analysed our top 100 emails for open rates and found that the average sending day and time was Thursday, 2:00pm. That’s a compelling reason to schedule your next newsletter for Thursday at 2:00pm and it’s a great starting point but what else should you be considering?

We recommend thinking about what types of emails you’re sending. You should have a marketing strategy that considers what you need to be sending out weekly, monthly and throughout the year. If you’re using automated tools like many of the clients behind the most successful email campaigns this year, you may find it best to schedule your more targeted, automated property alerts later in the week and your newsletters earlier.

3. Content

Content was king in the top emails sent this year from iRealty.

The campaign, Where can you find the best property market resources? not only drove people to open with a 50.41% open rate, but delivered on the content achieving a 20.23% click rate. 

We took a look at this example and found two key factors in the content. Relevance and locality.

Where can you find the best property market resources? was one of the first emails this agent sent out in 2021 and his content choices were both clever and relevant. The newsletter had a clear focus on the year ahead and provided trusted resources to help contacts make a move in the property market. 

The newsletter also provided:

  • Market information and predictions for the year ahead
  • Local market news and results
  • Local events for 2021

Emails like, Make the Best Impression and Buyers Are Lined Up & Waiting continued this content trend. Relevance and locality. But, it isn’t all about the content – the way the content is presented is an all-important factor.

All three of these examples prioritised content over properties. The top performing emails used buttons and banners to link through to iRealty’s property landing pages, rather than listing them directly in the email. This made them more user-friendly for their database!

We are so impressed with the emails coming out from you. But, it’s not all about the content. Keeping your database clean, keeping an eye on your send frequency and consistently updating your data can make all the difference to your results.

Social Media Marketing

We are equally impressed by the stand out results achieved across the social media pages of our clients!

Whether the goal this year was to increase brand recognition, grow an engaged social audience or generate enquiries on properties, we saw plenty of incredible campaigns that hit the brief. 

Brand Boosters

Polley’s Realty and Consulting worked with us to create a customised campaign with the goal of bringing brand recognition to their newer office in The Whitsundays and to enhance engagement and lead generation for the Browns Plains office. 

The outcome? Increased reach by over 100k, plus several new database touchpoints and both selling and property management leads.

We were also impressed by Tye Thies’ results after he generated 12 selling leads and 60k+ post reach on his campaign and Linda Mills who achieved 15 leads in her first month alone.

We analysed these stand out campaigns to find what they had in common and found that the content focuses of each were similar! Social posts highlighted individual agent successes, market knowledge and incredible results. 

Ad campaigns focused on giving something back to the user for submitted enquiries. Selling guides, market reports and exclusive special offers drew the most attention.

Property Advertising

For agents looking for buyers, our property advertising campaigns achieved stand out results! 

Sydney agency, Northside Realtors generated 42 leads and over 40k reach for an Auction opportunity in Crows Nest. With an iRealty Premium Property advertising campaign the agency reached thousands of local buyers over 21 days and then retargeted those most engaged to generate leads.

Another Premium campaign saw a whopping 61 leads generated and 50k reach using the same method. 

What else did we spot behind the success of these campaigns?

  • Carousel images to show the property off from every perspective
  • Promoting exclusivity – key phrases like Be the first to see this property, or Enquire for exclusive insights came up repeatedly.
  • An easy to use Facebook lead form that kept users on the social media platform while allowing them to submit their enquiry

Want to see similar success in your own marketing coming into 2022? See iRealty live in action with a personalised demo today.

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