Polley’s Realty & Consulting – iRealty Client Case Study By , October 20 2021

We recently caught up with Nicole Polley Principal and Director of Polley’s Realty & Consulting to chat about how their marketing has changed over the past 6 months since working with iRealty. 

We were excited to get Nicole’s feedback on working with our iRealtyPro team and how she feels a shift in marketing has impacted the boutique business. 

Nicole came to us through a referral when beginning to build their brand recognition in their newer office in the Whitsundays. After the initial consultation we worked with Nicole to create a customised brand booster campaign that would spread across the 2 offices – One in Browns Plains – South of Brisbane and the other in the Whitsundays. 

Since the completion of the successful Brand Booster campaign, Polley’s Realty have continued to work with our team for ongoing social media content creation and the management of their monthly client newsletter. We are excited to share their experience, results and future plans with iRealty in our case study below! 

If you asked me when I first started I was like I can do that myself, I don’t really need it [Digital Marketing], but you guys have just stepped it up to the next level. I can’t run my social media without you guys. I just really love the fact that things are getting done without me having to do it, because I’m a real control freak so for me to be able to hand that over and have it on point and done for me is like ‘yes’. So many of my clients say you do such a good job with your social media! They think that I’m doing it because it feels like me.
– Nicole Polley – Principal and Director | Polley’s Realty and Consulting 

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