A conversation with Adam Wishart – iRealty
A conversation with Adam Wishart By , August 25 2020

How we helped Adam achieve brand awareness and business growth. 

Adam’s initial problem: 

In late 2019 we were engaged by Adam Wishart to take on his digital marketing amidst the launch of his new business 4074 Property. 

Adam had worked previously with iRealty whilst at his past company when he approached our team with his new business goals. 

Adam was going out under his own brand and hadn’t done any marketing in over 10 months. He felt he was starting at ground zero for brand awareness and needed to build up a presence and following in his local community. 

Having previously worked with Adam, I jumped at the opportunity to work with him again. 

It’s been over 6 months since Adam reengaged iRealty. During our latest strategy session we discussed new business goals and reflected on how iRealty has not only helped him achieve his initial goals in 2019 but grow his business: 

Adam’s initial goals:

1. Let people on my database know that I’m in the area, and starting a new business.

 “I had switched off my marketing previously for about 10 months and had lost all following, people didn’t know I was around.”

2. To establish a presence on Facebook

Proposed strategy: 

We proposed a strategy for Adam that spanned across both email and social media marketing. As he had an existing database of contacts from previously working in the area, we used that as a starting point for his email marketing. 

Email Marketing: 

We targeted Adam’s full database to gauge interest and to keep the 4074 Property brand front of mind. We did this with an initial welcome email. Then, followed up with monthly content newsletters aimed to keep the general audience (not just buyers and sellers) up to date with community and market news. This helped identify any out of date contact information as well as, those who:

  1. Wanted to receive more of Adam’s content  to stay up to date in their local market.
  2. Those who were genuine buyers and sellers ready to make a move in the market – Sending these contacts more targeted content like open homes, recent listings and market updates depending on their interest. 
Social media:

Adam’s goals for social media were simple. 

  1. To create a consistent posting schedule with relevant and local content.

We opted to post 5 times per week at peak times. The content ranged from Adam’s listings, local news, industry and market updates and branded infographics. 

    2. To grow social media following within the local community.

Initially targeting unique demographics including locals who had recently shown interest in buying and selling property within Adam’s service area. 

Facebook ad for 4074 Property
Generate leads:
  1. Utilise iRealty’s lead software to deliver Adam instant insights anytime a campaign is sent. Adam’s leads include appraisal requests, property enquiries, market interest and high campaign interaction just to name a few. 
  2. The lead alerts are delivered directly to Adam’s phone making it easy for him to contact them within an hour after the emails are sent.

Each month we catch up with Adam to review and reset new goals. When last speaking with Adam he had this to say: 

“Hundreds of contacts now open and engage with my email marketing every week.I receive leads straight to me so I’m able to call a contact an hour after an email has sent and offer them the advice they need or book in an appraisal with them.” 

When it comes to Adam’s social media reach he said. 

“I now have almost 600 likes/followers on my Facebook page after only a matter of months and lots of engagement with my content.”

He also said.

“I should note, even my business coach is very impressed with the strategy. Fantastic awareness across social and email platforms.”  

What’s next: 

“My next goal is to build my rentals up considerably, my daughter will actually be joining me on that side of the business so it’s a really important next step. We sat down for a session and outlined some email marketing and social strategies to advertise the rental side of the business more rental interest and rental valuation appraisal.”

Over the coming week’s we will be working with Adam to identify and engage with investors in his  growing database. We have already adjusted both social media and email marketing content accordingly with local rental statistics and a ‘free rental appraisal’ offer in relevant emails. 

“The whole process was really simple and clear cut. I spoke with you for about an hour and as soon as I outlined my goals, you had multiple tactics in place that we could use to achieve it. You also made sure we had a measurable goal so that when we come back to it over the next few months we’ll have really clear results.”

Adam’s general feedback: 

Setting marketing goals with clients is vital. However, our team also like to ensure the process of working with us fits into clients usual business operations. When discussing this with Adam he gave this feedback.  

“I love the hands off approach, really effortless for me, I invest little time in comparison to the results I get. Now I will just jump onto Facebook to reply back to people or check out my posts. The approval process is fantastic. My newsletters can be approved on the fly so it doesn’t take time out of my day but I can check over everything before my marketing goes out.”

He continued. 

“Despite the current market and COVID-19 when we were looking at cutting costs like every agent is doing at the moment, iRealty was at the end of my list, I would never cut you.”

I look forward to working with Adam to expand the rental side of his business and thank him for the partnership throughout the 2019/20 so far.

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