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iRealty’s New Custom Reports By , January 29 2020
Over the last few years, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering Australia’s premier real estate marketing platform. And we can make a solid case for reaching that goal.

From automated emails to dynamic property pages, our system nurtures relationships, identifies interests, and generates appraisals while protecting your database. We measure our success by how well we accomplish the following…

  1. Removing or simplifying your digital marketing tasks
  2. Delivering stunning campaigns that never sacrifice your brand
  3. Providing smarter analytics that help you list and sell more properties

Our latest update relates specifically to the last goal. We designed the new reports to offer a greater range of insights over all of your campaigns. At the same time, users will be able to customise their own reports so the displayed data matches their individual needs. As well, PDF and XLSX versions of the reports will be available by download, or as attachments in single or recurring emails. 

The reports will include data on…
  • All Campaigns – A brief overview of all campaign types and a few key statistics, including Emails, SMS and iRealty’s new dynamic Property Pages.

  • Lead Statistics and List – A breakdown of leads by type and a customisable list that displays all the relevant details needed for a call sheet.

  • Email Campaign Statistics – An overview of all email campaign statistics that will show your email effectiveness, and how your audience interacts with different elements of the campaigns.

  • SMS Campaign Statistics – An overview of all SMS campaign statistics that will show your SMS effectiveness, and how your audience interacts with different elements of the campaigns.

  • Property Page Statistics – An overview of all Property Page statistics that will show how visitors interact with the page, the leads produced, and the requests made.

  • Subscriber Insights – Key data analysis of your iRealty database including subscriber growth metrics, interactions, and likely market interest identified by our iRealty’s smart profiler.

  • Property Insights – Displays the key details of your property imports, the overall property interactions, and a break down of your properties days on market.

As well as providing new and updated reports, users can now action them with a few key buttons found at the top of the page. These include…

  • Choosing which data sets to include in your Report
  • Saving Custom Reports
  • Setting default Reports
  • Exporting data as an Excel XLSX file
  • Downloading Reports as PDF files
  • Sending the attached Report through email
  • Setting up a recurring schedule for automated Report delivery

These new Reports are now available.

If you have any questions regarding the new reports, please contact our support team. They will be able to help you personalise the view of your iRealty Reports and set up recurring schedules to deliver key insights automatically to your email inbox. You can reach our support line at 1300 855 982 or book a training session here. We hope you enjoy your new, smarter reports!

If you’re new to iRealty and want to speak to our team about getting started, schedule a time here to click on the button below to learn more.

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