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iRealty’s New Dashboard

We redesigned iRealty’s new Dashboard to showcase the key insights uncovered from your digital marketing campaigns in the simplest way possible. We break it down into four main categories: Subscribers, Properties, Reports, and Campaigns. You can expect to see the… Subscribers That are current in your account Reached through email, SMS, and your property pages Engaging with your campaigns through clicks and interactions That have generated iRealty lead alerts That have requested appraisals That have interacted the most over the last 30, 60, or 90 days Properties That are current in your account Viewed through email, SMS, and your property pages Clicked in your email, SMS, and property pages That have generated iRealty lead alerts That have received enquiries That were popular with contacts over the last 30, 60, or […]

By | August 19, 2019 | Articles

5 ways to stay warm during a cooling market

While bleak market forecasts continue to shower down in abundance, not all is dark and dreary for the Australian real estate agent. Sure, housing investment has flatlined and banks have restricted financing, but smart agents will take advantage of today’s market conditions and walk away with a stronger business. With better tools than ever and more marketing channels at their disposal, agents can get in front of more people for less cost and have better mechanisms to find buyers and sellers, and match them. So long as agents use effective strategies and tools that reach larger audiences, keep them connected with contacts, identify the market movers, win listings and sell properties, any agent can improve their business. So, what does that strategy look like? Well, to keep it simple, let’s […]

By | November 5, 2018 | article, Marketing Tips

Three keys to success from Australia’s top real estate agents

Over the last few months, I have had the chance to catch up with a few of our top performing real estate clients that average over 100 sales a year. These chats tend to wander across a wide range of topics, but my purpose is generally the same. I want to answer two questions: what problems do they have that I can help solve, and how has iRealty helped them achieve success. In this process, I have been surprised to uncover a few reoccurring themes that seem to connect directly with their achievement. I came to realise that these themes could be further reduced to three simple principles that, if followed, would lead any agent to improve their marketing, win more listings, and sell more properties.

By | August 31, 2018 | article, Marketing Tips

Case Study: How Nathan Strudwick builds relationships with iRealty

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan Strudwick, the leading agent for Elder’s in Australia. During our discussion, he shared a number of helpful tips and insights for agents looking to improve their business by strengthening their client relationships using iRealty.

By | August 2, 2018 | Case Study, Marketing Tips

Case Study: A conversation with Anthony Tripodi from Belle Property Newtown

A brief conversation with Anthony Tripodi from Belle Property Newtown. iRealty teamed up with Anthony nearly a year ago to provide digital marketing services designed to build brand awareness through social media, engage contacts through email marketing, and identify leads using both channels.

3 ways to win more listings and keep vendors happy

According to real estate tech company Gavl, managing vendor expectations is the greatest challenge agents face in 2018, besides winning new listings. Last year’s market slowdown is thought to be a major cause, as homeowners base their expectations on the previous 5 years historic price growth. Justin Nickerson, a spokesperson for Gavl, added that marketing was part of the problem as well. “Properties will need a multi-tiered strategy that can be measured and bring in results, and unfortunately, many agents lack the skills or technologies to ensure success in this area.” Luckily, we are happy to offer three tips that will help agents develop an effective strategy to win listings and help them manage their vendor’s expectations.

By | February 16, 2018 | Marketing Tips

Here's how the Facebook Update will affect your marketing

With 2018 barely under our feet, Facebook has announced major changes to their newsfeed that will greatly affect your business page. Basically, they are reducing the reach, or total views, of your organic business posts. You may have already noticed the change, but if you haven’t yet, you definitely will soon. Mark Zuckerberg had this to say about the update…

By | January 16, 2018 | article, Marketing Tips, social media

Best (and worst) real estate subject lines of 2017

I am willing to wager your inbox overflows with new emails every day. I know mine does. Every morning I wake up to dozens of new messages waiting to be read. Some will be Facebook notifications, others will be airline advertisements, and a few will be actual messages from real people. My first response is always the same; scan the subject line and determine if the email is valuable to me. If not, I swipe right and delete. If it is, I might read it immediately, or come back later when I have more time to wander. Either way, emails that don’t make the cut are lost forever.

By | November 23, 2017 | Marketing Tips, Uncategorized

The Unspoken Risks of Automation

Would you rather sit down for a coffee with Iron Man or Terminator? Boiled down, this is essentially the current digital marketing dilemma. Allow me to explain. If you google “digital marketing systems,” tech buzzwords will scatter across your screen, such as: analytics, data-driven, integration, and segmentation. But most common today is the proudly displayed automation. Yes, we all dream of a future in which our meters long list of monotonous tasks is swept into an automated system. This machine will do it all; door knocking, cold calling, blog writing, client prospecting, and will even pour cream into your morning coffee. Sounds great, right? Consider self-driving cars. I would love to close my eyes and count sheep all the way from Brisbane to Sydney. But could I? The first trip […]

By | November 7, 2017 | Branding, Identity, Uncategorized

Case Study: Jarrod Perry's Impressive Rise

Meet Jarrod. He began his real estate career at 23, in Bulimba Queensland, and started building a profile from nearly nothing. Even though Jarrod considered himself social media savvy, it didn’t take long to realise he didn’t have the time necessary to focus on his clients and his marketing. So, he enlisted our help. Jarrod’s now 25 years old. In only 24 months, Jarrod’s database has grown to over 25,000 contacts. He has over 1,500 Facebook followers, 11,000 LinkedIn connections, and nearly 3,000 Instagram followers.

By | October 12, 2017 | article, Case Study, Identity
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