The 80:20 Social Media Rule for Real Estate Agents By , August 16 2019

It can be a struggle to find the right balance when posting on your social media pages.  If you often find you’re leaving posting to the last minute or just not adding to your page for weeks at a time, because you don’t know what to post, there’s a good rule of thumb you can use to help.

Stick to the 80:20 ratio when planning your social schedule.
  1. 80% of your posts should be relevant educational or entertaining content, designed to build a relationship with your audience.
  2. Only 20% should be sales or service posts used to promote you.

Nobody wants to be constantly sold to when they follow you on social media so striking this balance will keep people engaged.

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Key takeaways: Use a mix of content that provides value to keep your followers engaged. Remember the 80:20 rule when you’re stuck deciding what to post on your social media channels. 

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