The need for speed-to-lead By , April 12 2016

In today’s digital world the marketing possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Having a fear of technology or change could be seriously holding you back in terms of growing your business, and ironically may be taking away from your face-to-face time.

Strategic use of digital technology will actually enhance your relationships, and enable you to stay connected to far more potential buyers and sellers than a hand-shake or phone call.
Relevant, content rich communication will build relationships with your contacts, and utilising the information this generates means you’re being as efficient and effective with your time as possible.
If you’ve been clever about the content in your mailout, then the reporting will literally tell you who is ready to move in the market. Including a fact sheet or article on ‘selling your property’ for example, and calling those who click on this is just one way to identify likely vendors.
Research tells us the majority of home owners list with the first agent they interview. Make sure that’s you! Further to this, the odds of qualifying an online lead are significantly multiplied if they are contacted within 5 minutes of the interaction. We can make this time frame a reality, as our patented technology alerts you immediately.
Don’t treat your online marketing as a ‘set and forget’ type scenario. Following up the leads it generates will mean you’ll be the first and fastest agent to reach out to potential clients, and your leads won’t fall through the cracks.

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