How to get the best results from your client newsletter By , February 4 2016

Implementing these easy, yet effective techniques will ensure your newsletter is engaging and well received by your contacts – meaning you’re front of mind when they decide to move in the market.

Have your target market in mind.
Know who you’re sending to and plan your content to be relevant for that audience. Segment your database and build groups of particular contacts to ensure your communication is as targeted as possible. Providing helpful information to potential buyers and sellers is great way to gain trust and show your expertise.
Ensure your branding is clear.
Contact our experienced design team if you feel your template does not accurately reflect you.
Be consistent.
Make time to stick to your digital marketing strategy. Block out your calendar in advance to ensure time is put aside, and bookmark articles or make notes when you see or think of interesting content for your readers. Ensure your contacts know you’re reliable and feel valued because you have taken the time to engage with them regularly.
Not just your newsletter before sending it out, but your reporting after the fact. Compare results against your last email. Did a lot of people click on a particular article? Was your subject line less effective? Try re-marketing your campaigns to the people who didn’t open your email with a different subject line. Learn and grow from discovering what is of interest to your contacts.
Follow up.
Ensure lead alerts are activated on your account and customise them so that you are alerted to particular interest in your newsletter. If a contact was to click on a particular property multiple times, you can be immediately notified of their details and proactively call them to see if you can further assist. Another example is if a contact clicks on a ‘Selling a Property’ fact sheet in your newsletter. The likelihood that they’re preparing to move in the market would be high. Following this lead could mean you secure the listing.
Keep at it.
If you feel you’re not getting the results you want from your digital communication, take time to reflect on the above points. It’s also important to remember that communication with your clients in a regular and personal manner is key to staying front of mind. Someone you start building a relationship with now may engage you as their agent in a years time. Expecting overnight success and giving up when it doesn’t happen immediately may rob you of future opportunities.

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