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A Conversation with Stephen Pahl

We sat down with long-standing client, Stephen Pahl from RE/MAX Profile Real Estate to learn about his journey with iRealty.   In our series of conversations, Stephen shares useful insights that’s valuable to both seasoned and upcoming agents in the industry.  In this conversation, we talk about the ease of building emails, the importance of building relationships and immediately following up leads. “5 minute Emails and Lead Alerts” Knowing who to contact and when will put you miles ahead of the competition. If you want to learn how iRealty can help you generate more leads and keep you front of mind, speak to our team today. 

By | September 3, 2019 | Case Study

3 Simple Tips to Approach Your Real Estate Leads

Having a steady stream of leads is key to increasing your listings and gaining more real estate clients. With our patented lead alerts, we generate thousands of real estate leads for our clients every month. The question is, what do you do once you receive a lead alert?     We’ve gathered three of our best case studies to help you approach your real estate leads. You’ll increase your chances of gaining more listings and closing more deals.   1. Make Contact First – Jarrod Perry, Hutton & Hutton Although our clients were generating hundreds of leads per month, many hesitated when it came to contacting their prospects. After speaking to several clients, we found the reason for hesitation. It stemmed from the fear of being rejected by the prospect […]

Case Study: How Nathan Strudwick builds relationships with iRealty

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan Strudwick, the leading agent for Elder’s in Australia. During our discussion, he shared a number of helpful tips and insights for agents looking to improve their business by strengthening their client relationships using iRealty.

By | August 2, 2018 | Case Study, Marketing Tips

Case Study: A conversation with Anthony Tripodi from Belle Property Newtown

A brief conversation with Anthony Tripodi from Belle Property Newtown. iRealty teamed up with Anthony nearly a year ago to provide digital marketing services designed to build brand awareness through social media, engage contacts through email marketing, and identify leads using both channels.

Case Study: Jarrod Perry's Impressive Rise

Meet Jarrod. He began his real estate career at 23, in Bulimba Queensland, and started building a profile from nearly nothing. Even though Jarrod considered himself social media savvy, it didn’t take long to realise he didn’t have the time necessary to focus on his clients and his marketing. So, he enlisted our help. Jarrod’s now 25 years old. In only 24 months, Jarrod’s database has grown to over 25,000 contacts. He has over 1,500 Facebook followers, 11,000 LinkedIn connections, and nearly 3,000 Instagram followers.

By | October 12, 2017 | article, Case Study, Identity

Case Study: Starr Partners Merrylands

Starr Partners Merrylands, is an award winning real estate office and have been in the Top 50 Sales offices in Australia over the past 2 years. This office understands the benefits of eMarketing and have been sending weekly newsletters for well over 5 years. Their subscriber list contains many thousands of contacts. In the early days, sending a regular email newsletter was difficult! Their newsletter was created in Word, sent via Outlook and involved mostly copying and pasting. Creating and sending their newsletter would take their marketing team anywhere from 4 hours to a whole day to create and send. That’s all in the past now.  Over a year ago, they implemented the iRealty Solution

By | June 2, 2014 | Case Study
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