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Don’t Let Your Marketing go Quiet in the New Year!

With the new year fast approaching it is time to start considering your marketing goals for 2020. While many of us might see January as a slow month to enjoy some ‘quiet time’ with family, it is equally important to not let your marketing channels ‘go quiet’.   We are not suggesting that you be sitting in your office creating endless amounts of content while your friends enjoy a picnic at the beach. In fact, we would like to give you some simple tips on using the New Year to your advantage.   With the New Year comes new possibilities. In fact, a new year nearly always brings new interest in the market. Our number 1 recommendation is to get started on your 2020 marketing goals early and don’t overlook the value […]

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Schedule and Automate your Emails this Christmas Period

The Holiday season is fast approaching! While most of us are shutting down the office and heading to spend some well earned time with the family, many of us are starting to think about what 2020 has in store. Whether people are heading to the beach or having a quiet one at home this holiday, you may be surprised how successful marketing can be over this period.  Did you know that Emails had a 12% higher open rate in the first week of January when compared to the week between Christmas and New Year?  iRealty has always had the ability to send well crafted emails to your database. However, the feedback was people didn’t always have time to make them (especially while finalising things for the year).  The upcoming launch […]

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iRealty’s latest McGrath Template Suite

Our development and design teams have been hard at work upgrading the McGrath Template Suite. Here you’ll find the new McGrath Appraisal forms, Dynamic Landing Pages and the new look fact sheets.  Appraisal Forms Since upgrading our appraisal forms, we’ve increased our clients’ appraisal requests by 45%.  Our email designs are built upon proven marketing strategies and principles in order to boost conversions and generate a strong ROI for our clients. Within the email templates, you’ll find subtle yet effective calls to action when it comes to requesting an appraisal.  “Since starting with iRealty we’ve had our best results yet. In the first 40 days we’ve received 26 appraisal requests. Working with iRealty’s digital marketing team has saved us time, improved our results and made life easier.” Karen Thompson McGrath Sutherland Shire […]

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iRealty’s New SMS Builder made for Real Estate

We’re excited to announce our new SMS builder is now live! It takes multiple touchpoints to close a sale and SMS marketing can boost your digital marketing efforts. If you compare the tidiness of your sms inbox to your emails, chances are you’ve kept your text messages under control and tend to them straight away. This means you have a higher chance of being seen by your contacts with the addition of this channel.  Use SMS marketing alongside your e-newsletters to cut through the noise and stay front of mind.  Whether you’re sending invitations to upcoming auctions, thanking open home attendees or growing your database by sharing your newsletter subscription link, you now have a powerful addition to your digital marketing strategy.    How to use iRealty’s SMS Builder You […]

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A Conversation with Stephen Pahl

We sat down with long-standing client, Stephen Pahl from RE/MAX Profile Real Estate to learn about his journey with iRealty.   In our series of conversations, Stephen shares useful insights that’s valuable to both seasoned and upcoming agents in the industry.  In this conversation, we talk about the ease of building emails, the importance of building relationships and immediately following up leads. “5 minute Emails and Lead Alerts” Knowing who to contact and when will put you miles ahead of the competition. If you want to learn how iRealty can help you generate more leads and keep you front of mind, speak to our team today. 

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iRealty’s New Dashboard

We redesigned iRealty’s new Dashboard to showcase the key insights uncovered from your digital marketing campaigns in the simplest way possible. We break it down into four main categories: Subscribers, Properties, Reports, and Campaigns. You can expect to see the… Subscribers That are current in your account Reached through email, SMS, and your property pages Engaging with your campaigns through clicks and interactions That have generated iRealty lead alerts That have requested appraisals That have interacted the most over the last 30, 60, or 90 days Properties That are current in your account Viewed through email, SMS, and your property pages Clicked in your email, SMS, and property pages That have generated iRealty lead alerts That have received enquiries That were popular with contacts over the last 30, 60, or […]

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The 80:20 Social Media Rule for Real Estate Agents

It can be a struggle to find the right balance when posting on your social media pages.  If you often find you’re leaving posting to the last minute or just not adding to your page for weeks at a time, because you don’t know what to post, there’s a good rule of thumb you can use to help. Stick to the 80:20 ratio when planning your social schedule. 80% of your posts should be relevant educational or entertaining content, designed to build a relationship with your audience. Only 20% should be sales or service posts used to promote you. Nobody wants to be constantly sold to when they follow you on social media so striking this balance will keep people engaged. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook […]

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3 Simple Tips to Approach Your Real Estate Leads

Having a steady stream of leads is key to increasing your listings and gaining more real estate clients. With our patented lead alerts, we generate thousands of real estate leads for our clients every month. The question is, what do you do once you receive a lead alert?     We’ve gathered three of our best case studies to help you approach your real estate leads. You’ll increase your chances of gaining more listings and closing more deals.   1. Make Contact First – Jarrod Perry, Hutton & Hutton Although our clients were generating hundreds of leads per month, many hesitated when it came to contacting their prospects. After speaking to several clients, we found the reason for hesitation. It stemmed from the fear of being rejected by the prospect […]

3 Must Have Newsletter Elements to Generate Real Estate Leads

Your database is a goldmine of real estate clients. The question is, how do you generate leads and reveal hidden buyers and sellers within your database?   The answer may surprise you. No, it’s not cold calling your entire database or door knocking in hopes of finding a property to list. The solution is to use an email template specifically designed to generate real estate leads.  We found there are 3 elements every e-newsletter should have to increase subscriber engagement and generate real estate leads. When our client incorporated these three elements in their newsletter template they instantly gained: 42 additional leads 17 property listings leads Increased their open rates which meant more eyes on their newsletter Improved their engagement as indicated by the increase in their click rate Our email […]

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How Much is Your Real Estate Database Actually Worth?

Do you know how much your real estate database is actually worth? If you’ve never asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. For most Agents, searching for new properties to list is often a time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience. Maybe you’ve poured some money into advertising and had minimal ROI. Or maybe you’re relying on word of mouth, client referrals or even asking family and friends to list their properties for sale.   If you can’t find new properties to list and it feels like you’re chasing your tail, we have a better way.  The solution to finding new properties to sell actually lies within your real estate database. Yes, that’s correct. That “pile” of email addresses you’ve accumulated are worth a lot more than you first think. In your […]

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