A guide to real estate email marketing By , November 4 2021

Email marketing is still one of the best ways for real estate agents to communicate with their databases. In fact, over 70% of people prefer to receive property advertisement via email when compared to any other delivery method. 

In this article we will discuss some best practice tips for email marketing in real estate. From overarching strategy to what to include in each email, this article and complementary guide will give you a great head-start on your email marketing or some tips on what to change if you are not currently getting the ROI you want.

The strategy: 

Whilst it is hard to suggest a strategy that will be broad enough for every agent or office, we can use our experience in working with thousands of agents and offices across Australia and New Zealand to recommend an overall strategy that will see your database working for you and your emails stand out. 

Each week: 

We want to keep the email marketing jobs that are required weekly to a bare minimum. But, this doesn’t mean you won’t be marketing on a weekly basis to your engaged and hot buyers and sellers. This is where automation should step in. 

Automation is the perfect tool for nurturing your database and to keep in touch with people who are actively engaged in the market on a regular basis. The great thing about automation is that it doesn’t require man power or time but your emails are still being sent. 

These automated email should be going to 2 key groups – those engaged (people who have shown an interest in the current market) and new enquiries (online and OFI attendees) 

Check out our free customer journey checklist to see how automation can improve your customer experience and see that you don’t miss out on hidden opportunities. 

Each month: 

1-2 content newsletters – now this is where you have a couple of options – you might choose to manage these ones yourself in house OR outsource to your iRealty account manager. Your content newsletters are an integral touch point for your broader database. They are a way for you to stay top of mind and prospect market re-entrants without causing a high number of unnecessary unsubscribes and disengagement from those not in property mode right now. 

So what to include in your content newsletters to keep your audience engaged whether they are actively in the market or not? The trick is to add valuable content that expands past your current listings. Each audience will be different so testing the waters and changing things up from time to time can be helpful. 

You can work on this breakdown: 

30% listings: At the end of the day you are a real estate agent so showcasing feature sales or new listings just makes sense. Just ensure you are not bombarding people out of property mode with a list of all your upcoming open homes. Try a feature new listing or even better an exclusive sneak peek just for your email subscribers, then a great sales result. We would also suggest this includes your testimonials. 

30% market updates and tips: This will include recent market stats reminding your audience that the market is changing and what their homes were worth even 6 months ago has likely changed. Other content

  • Appraisal and market valuation banners 
  • Fact sheets with buying, selling and auction tips 
  • Suburb profiles 

10% office updates: We also see a lot of positive feedback from clients who include little office updates in their newsletters. This is a great way to highlight to type or agent or office you are by promoting the company culture. 

30% local content: Be part of the local community. Share your sponsorships of local events and highlight a local business. A great trick is offering an exclusive discount code for your subscribers to a local café or restaurant. 

Throughout the year: 

There will be times throughout the year to up the ante and create bespoke email campaigns that are aimed directly at market buzz and prospecting. We suggest at least 4 times a year to think about when your local market is red hot and how to maximize on that.  Think of EOFY, Spring selling season and the value of selling before the New year. 

If you are in need of more email best practice tips and pointers for your automation or content newsletters download our email marketing guide.

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