Less than 12 weeks left of 2021 – How to make them count and ensure your pipeline is full in the new year By , October 5 2021

We can hardly believe we are writing our 12 week countdown to 2022 already. While this year has been a little unexpected, it is important to make the most of what we have left of 2021. You may be surprised how simple tactics in the final months of the year can really set up a strong start to your new year. 

The saying your Spring sellers are found in Winter could not be truer. The same goes for your first few months of sales in the new year. We want to ensure you are maximising the returns on your final 12 weeks of 2021 so you know where your first sales are coming from in 2022. 

In this article we are going to look at key areas to focus on to make yourself known in your local market. 

Don’t stop with the blog, download our 10 point checklist for 10 key tactics to starting 2022 off strong (here’s the hint all 10 need to be done by the time we get to January 1).

Make the most of your data: 

As an agent your database is one of your most valuable assets. Every name, number and email address you collect should be filed in your CRM and touched base with on a varying basis. Before you get started on your prospecting strategy you need to ensure no one is missing out. 

Enter all loose entries into your CRM. The market has been crazy – whether you have been lucky enough to live in states less impacted by Covid it is likely you are managing a huge influx of open home attendee information. Agents from states in lockdown are navigating online enquiries and requests from buyers and sellers alike. So it is understandable that keeping up with your data entry even if you have software that does most of this for you may have fallen behind.

This is your reminder – stop what you are doing and enter those contacts into your CRM now or ensure they are in lists that will receive your relevant content over the next 3 months. 

Create meaningful touchpoints with your database:

Assuming you already have an email marketing strategy in play, you will be making meaningful touchpoints with at least a portion of your database. So how can you add to this to uncover future opportunities for the new year? 

Draft your final prospecting newsletter for 2021. This newsletter needs to be broad enough that it can be sent to your entire database. The aim is to trigger any reactivated contacts or a response from those thinking about entering the market. Ensure you include appraisal offers, surveys, a stand out sales story and local content. This is a great opportunity to team up with a local business on a giveaway or discount to increase your engagement and start conversations with people you may have not recently spoken to. If you are in need of some personalised tips make sure to reach out to our support team. 

Secondly, don’t underestimate the value of a simple ‘thank you’ or Christmas card. For those you have strong relationships or have worked with throughout the year, we would suggest a good old fashioned hand written card. For the others, a well written ‘ thank you for your support’ sets another reminder in your contact’s mind while providing the opportunity for them to let you know what their intentions are. 

Thirdly, don’t forget about those listing presentations that didn’t convert. Now is the time to go back to all of the appraisals you did over the last 12 months that didn’t sell. This year has been a big one so there is a fair chance that what their property was worth 4 months ago is already outdated. Call this list and send them a follow up SMS whether they answer or not.

Utilise social media to create new opportunities: 

Your social media pages should act as a secondary database. The aim here is to grow your following from the local community ultimately converting them to contacts on your database. 

Research suggests contacts have to interact with a brand 6 times before purchasing with only 2% of leads converting after the first interaction from a brand.   This is where your social media is important – each post or ad you run can act as a way to build trust. 

For example – a Facebook user in your suburb might see a property ad you are running, a week later you might have boosted a post about being at your local coffee shop. This triggers them to like/ follow your profile. This is where they continue to be updated with relevant and local information. It comes to the end of the year and you run a Christmas competition or giveaway. They now trust you and decide to enter the competition and become part of your contact list. They start to get you quarterly keeping in touch (prospecting) newsletters when suddenly they begin to engage with your selling information. You are the first agent to even know they are entering the market and you have already built trust with them through your touchpoints. 

Check out our 10 point checklist for specific social media tips for the next 3 months (including content ideas and running a competition).
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