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We have had a lot of conversations with real estate professionals recently, with a lot of them spending time evaluating their business and marketing practices.  We have used some of our recent conversations to outline best practice tips to help you get more from your marketing efforts. 

Don’t spam – sometimes less is more: 

The word spam never comes with a positive connotation and if you ask most real estate professionals they will hate the idea of spamming someone with unnecessary information. 

Unfortunately, we have agents come to us all the time either aware their previous marketing methods were spamming their database and are now dealing with dwindling databases and unhappy contacts. Or unaware that their marketing practices would have been causing them unnecessary disengagement. Hopefully if you are reading this you have come to the conclusion you are ready to start sending more relevant information to the right people. 

While creating weekly property updates with all of your latest listings and hitting ‘send to all’ can seem tempting and the easiest way to ensure that no one misses you. We can assure you this is not going to achieve the desired result. But don’t worry, sending targeted content does not have to mean more time spent on marketing. We have 2 words for you, automation and filters. 

iRealty smart filters use AI systems to track each interaction your contact has with your email marketing. By tracking people’s behaviours, iRealty can filter your contacts and make suggestions about who would best benefit from your targeted email campaigns. 

If you are time poor, and let’s face it most real estate agents want to be spending their time creating and maintaining meaningful client relationships. Then automation could be the answer. Instead of manually creating just listed, open home or appraisal offer emails, adopt a marketing platform that incorporates smart automation and builds these campaigns for you.

Create a variety of content: 

Your database is one of your biggest assets in real estate. However, only around 5% of these contacts will be in property mode at any given time. That means it is important to maintain the relationship you have with the other 95% while they are not ready to transact. 

One of the best ways to do that is by sharing useful and relevant information to them as a local community member, not just a current client. We suggest that around 20% of the content you post should be focused on your listings and sales. While the other 80% will be a variety of useful local, community and market specific information. Let’s say you aim to post 4 times per week, with this 20:80 break down you will only post about your listings once a week. 

So how do you create content that isn’t solely based on your listings?  Here are a few simple tips: 
  1. Plan ahead and pre schedule this content. As these posts are not reliant on properties selling or coming to market it makes it easier to pre-plan and create it. Try with a week to start off with. If you are stuck on ideas, download our free social media calendar for ideas
  2. If you’re time poor or do not have the resources to create content inhouse. Try outsourcing. iRealty has marketing solutions that allow agents to work with a team of content specialists who will create, post and optimise on their behalf. 
Use multiple marketing platforms: 

We all have preferred ways that we interact and communicate with individuals and businesses. You may like to receive SMS from your local café when they are offering a weekly loyalty discount, while staying up to date on social media is a better way to stay connected and in the loop with your gym. The same goes for real estate updates and advertisements. According to research over 70% of people prefer to receive real estate advertising via email when compared to any other platform. This is why it is so important for email marketing to be one of the foundations of your overall marketing strategy. While email is a fantastic way to uncover contacts in your database that may be ready to buy or sell, social media allows you to tap into a completely different network of people, those you do not have contact details for. 

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