3 tips to enhance your marketing for Spring By , August 4 2021

Whether you are a believer of the ‘Spring selling season’ or not, it’s never a bad time to reflect on what you’re doing well and what could use a little attention. The matter of fact is Spring tends to be the time of year where the property market spikes up a bit with a flurry of interest from new buyers and sellers entering the market. So what are you doing to make sure you turn this flurry of interest into qualified leads and ultimately more listings? 

In this article we outline 3 key tips to make you well prepared for Spring 2021. 

Be consistent in your branding  

Having a consistent brand presence across your marketing platforms is key to your consumer impressions. Your social media is an extension of your overall brand. According to research it takes 7 times for a consumer to interact with a brand for them to build trust and consider a purchase. If your brand is not consistent you are likely to be increasing that number, as people cannot simply recognise you while quickly scrolling their newsfeeds. 

Here are some handy tips for consistent brand: 
  • Have transferable copies of your logo and know your brand colours. 
  • Cross reference your marketing platforms with you to create new content. If you are new to email marketing, make sure your template accurately reflects your social media and website 
  • Have a dedicated resource or person looking after your marketing to ensure brand consistency 

Note* you don’t need to be so strict that every post or email looks the same. Just ensure your colours, logo and font are consistent and have fun with the rest. 

Share a variety of content including: Properties, client success stories and community updates:

Your social media should act as a form of social proof for your personal brand. Yes, it is important to showcase you are selling and acquiring new listings. However, sharing these types of updates should only make up part of your total social media content strategy. Instead, decide how many times you want to post and work back from there. For example, if you want to post 3-4 times per week you will aim to create 16 posts in total for the month. Here are some example posts 

  • Just listed / feature listings
  • Appraisal opportunities 
  • Testimonials/ Sales stories and results 
  • Local business/ community highlights 
  • Property prediction tool 

The aim of your social media should be to continuously build your local following with newcomers in the market while maintaining the interest of those who have followed you in the past. This means you need to post content that is of interest to both categories. If you are stuck for content ideas download our social media calendar for 1 month of social media post ideas. 

Be familiar with paid advertising and use it to generate leads (or outsource) 

While posting builds the foundation of your social media presence it is just one piece of the puzzle. Knowing your way around social media advertising platforms like Facebook Ads manager can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. However, we understand this can be  a timely process so outsourcing or hiring an internal resource may be a better option. 

But, what are the benefits of social media advertising?

People interact with an average of 12 social media ads per week. An interaction could be a comment, like, or form registration that tells you people are interested in what you are advertising. There are a few different advertising options to help you build your brand and promote your listings.  Firstly, awareness ads to build your following, engagement and traffic ads to gain click throughs and interactions and lead generation ads to increase expression of interest. The ad you choose will depend on your goal, for example to grow your following or to generate appraisal leads from your local area. 

Social media advertising has the ability to target specific locations and demographics and provide you with the estimated and ongoing reach of all of your ads. In comparison, you may send out 1000 letterbox flyers, but never how many people read or kept the flyer. 

If you are interested in enhancing your digital marketing in time for Spring, be quick and book a personalised demo with our team. 

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