Generating leads and better marketing outcomes – Setting goals for the new financial year By

It is that time of year again when we say goodbye to one financial year and plan for the next. With that comes many conversations around goals and what  growth you want to achieve in the coming 12 months. 

Commonly in real estate, we hear our clients discuss a variety of goals. However, they all have 1 commonality – to sell more properties. To increase the amount of listings you sell in a year is a great overall goal. However, we recommend breaking your goals into smaller measurable objectives that work towards making the bigger goal achievable. 

In this article we outline some of the most common goals our clients have when they come to us or discuss during their monthly strategy sessions. 

Save time on marketing so they can spend more time with potential clients: 

Real estate is built on relationships so optimising the time you are available for your current and potential clients will set you apart from the rest. This does not mean you should not invest time in marketing, it simply means working with systems and resources that you trust to implement your marketing for you. 

There are key ways to approach this – 

1. Automation –

Marketing automation is a great way to save time and improve marketing outcomes. Adopting an automation system can be a simple process with a one off set up. Whilst saving time is a great benefit of automation, it is not the only advantage. Automation provides relevant touchpoints to your contacts improving the relationships you have with them.  In fact, creating the perfect customer journey would be fairly time intensive without automation. Take a seller returning to market for example. They were previously a buyer that attended an open home 5 years ago. You have been intermittently sending them monthly or quarterly information about their local community, when they begin to engage in your newsletters again. This triggers them to be added to relevant automated alerts like market information and appraisal calls to action. This keeps you in their evoke set ultimately helping to ensure you are they agent they choose when the time is right.

2. Outsourcing –

As a real estate professional you are an expert in building and maintaining relationships with clients in order to provide favourable sales outcomes. It is important to optimise time spent with potential clients. If you are looking for something more personalised that will still take the pressure of spending time on a marketing strategy, you may consider outsourcing options. Outsourcing happens every day in the real estate industry. From photography to administration, agents will typically choose to outsource when they could either be spending time on more dollar productive tasks or secondly, know to outsource to a professional in that field. Marketing is no different, the concept of working with a dedicated account manager to strategise your email, automation and social media marketing could reduce hours of time every week. Instead of creating and sharing multiple posts or writing content for your newsletter, it is all done for you.

Generate more leads: 

Lead generation is key to real estate business growth. Whether it’s a referral, online enquiry or a personal call, leads can only be generated when you have a certain level of awareness in your service area. Optimising your marketing channels can be a simple way to generate more leads without adding extra time to your day. 

Take email marketing for example, it is likely you are sending some type of alerts or newsletters to your database already. However, the amount of agents we speak to that don’t have built-in calls to action and appraisal offers is shocking. iRealty’s templates are built with lead generation in mind, including, factsheets, buttons, forms, surveys and banners for your database to interact with so you know who is ready to buy and sell before anyone else.  The same goes for social media and your website. Checkout or recent blog on optimising your inbound marketing channels or download our lead generation guide

Improve their digital look and feel: 

Branding is everything in real estate, whether it’s the company you work with or your personal brand, you want people to have a positive first impression with your business. This is where marketing collateral can assist. Great looking email templates and professional social media content provides sellers with a feel for how you will market and represent their property. From your newsletter template, your social media profiles and customised campaigns, our team works with you to represent your brand identity the way you want it to. In fact, we are proud that agents have contacted us when they see that other agents use our templates and services. 

Key takeaways: As the new financial year looms closer, it is important to think about what you want to achieve over the next 12 months. Commonly real estate goals focus on the big picture like ‘selling more’. However, it is important to break down the goals into smaller measurable objectives like leads generated per month or saving time. See iRealty live in action with a personalised demo today.

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