Marketing automation: Improving agents scalability and customer experience By , March 30 2021

Earlier this year we looked at how automation can assist in creating the perfect customer journey.  In this article we delve deeper into marketing automation and the key benefits for agents and consumers. 

Download our automated customer journey checklist here or keep reading for more on marketing automation below: 

What is marketing automation 

Automation is a form of outbound marketing aimed to automatically optimise the end users experience without increasing time spent on the marketing deliverable. In real estate this is usually done in the form of email or SMS messaging whereby certain alerts are set up and triggered by events. These alerts can be property based alerts like open homes, just listed and sold properties. To accompany this, iRealty’s service alerts include calls to action like – property preference surveys, appraisal request, agent enquiries and home loan/ refinance options to name a few. 

Marketing automation is aimed to benefit both real estate agents and buyers and sellers. 

The benefits for the agent – 

Agents are becoming increasingly time poor, in the competitive market sellers are more scarce than buyers, meaning agents need to dedicate more time to prospecting whilst also managing an increase in buyer enquiry numbers for each listing. With automation as part of the digital marketing puzzle, agents can feel confident that targeted emails are being delivered to the right audience. Here are other key benefits of automation for real estate professionals: 

  • Saves time 
  • Increases your output 
  • Demonstrates your expertise by ensuring content is relevant 
  • Able to identify people returning to market 
  • You know what people are interested in and what their needs are 

“I love the hands off approach, it is really effortless for me. I invest little time in comparison to the results I get.” – Adam Wishart 4074 Property

Benefits to your consumer  –

Put simply, automation creates a personalised experience for people on your database without creating extra workload or decreasing the quality of your marketing. 

Key benefits to the consumer include: 

  • They can set preferences for their property criteria. The iRealty property preference survey allows people on the database to set preferences so they receive relevant information 
  • All correspondence is relevant to them and their needs 
  • They have a platform to easily reach out to you through agent enquiries, call to action forms and property enquiry forms. 

Ultimately, automation will allow for each contact to take ownership of their needs and set preferences, receive relevant content, and improve the relationship with the agent. 

iRealty Automation – 

iRealty’s automation is aimed to save agents time whilst creating a unique customer experience. Unlike other automated platforms, iRealty Automation is aimed at nurturing your contacts not spamming them. Our smart filters ensure only those who are engaged in your email marketing receive your alerts so you stay top of mind for those in property mind. 

With iRealty Automation as part of your marketing strategy you will have access to unique property and service offer alerts to nurture future buyers and vendors and increase lead generation.

Automation in action – Return to market example – 

Automation is a great tool for nurturing those who return to market. Whether it is a past client or someone who attended an open home, iRealty can help to identify those returning to buying or selling. Check out our marketing automation guide for a flow chart on identifying those returning to market.  

Speak to our team today about how automation fits into your business. 
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