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Social media: How to grow your brand and business By , March 2 2021

When it comes to social media in real estate, there seems to be some debate over its validity as a lead generating channel. We often get asked, what to post, how much to post, and how much to spend. Unfortunately, one solution won’t suit every real estate professional. However,  there is one thing we can say for sure and that is, social media is a legitimate growth tool in your marketing mix. From brand building, to lead generation and growth social media has more potential than just being somewhere you post a picture of your happy vendors on settlement day (although these are great posts to share). 

In our last blog we delved into 3 things you need to help sellers choose you. One of the key tips being to optimise your marketing channel. In this article we will uncover 3 ways social media can be used as the ultimate business growth tool.

1. Social media connects you with your target audience

If you have ever taken a moment to look at your social media following, you are likely going to realise most are made up of your local community members, past clients and people who are looking to buy and sell in your area (new followers).  Your social media is the perfect place to start conversations with people in property mode. However, to do so you need to compel people to reach out and make it easy for people to get in touch.


Make sure you have.. 
A. Your services on displayFacebook chat and services tabs are great ways to optimise your Facebook for people to ask questions. Whilst, a well written Instagram bio is the perfect way to get people following, direct people to your website or to send you a DM. 
B. A fast response time – Facebook goes as far as to display business page response times. Facebook is somewhere people go when they have 5 minutes spare to scroll through their daily highlights. If they have taken the time to reach out, don’t make them wait. 
C. Intriguing content and advertising – The content you post needs to evoke a response from your audience. Whether this is on your timeline or your paid advertising campaigns, you need to make sure the content is relevant to the audience.
2. Social media has the ability to generate leads –
 Now, in saying this you will need someone who has some idea about Facebook advertising and can optimise lead generation. For example –  Forms that identify expressions of interest for your listings, allow people to download a market report or to request property appraisals. Each form would accompany a campaign with curated copy, a stand out image, video or carousel and key target audience. 
3. Reflects your brand identity –

Most consumers (buyers and sellers) will resonate with the agent they meet rather than the brand they work for. The notion of a personal brand or brand identity is the intangible element of the relationship between agents and consumers that establishes trust (and ultimately loyalty). Your social media pages are the perfect platforms to portray your brand identity. Whether it’s your regular posting schedule, your cleverly targeted ads or the time you put aside to make sure every message or comment is answered. Your pages will set the expectation for who you are and how you work.

Andrea’s feedback of iRealty’s Brand Booster

Key takeaways: Your social media channels should be treated as a legitimate business growth tool in your marketing mix. However, to ensure your social media is providing you with business opportunities, you need a strong strategy, compelling content, and advertising campaigns that generate leads.

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