iRealty’s latest McGrath Template Suite By
Our development and design teams have been hard at work upgrading the McGrath Template Suite. Here you’ll find the new McGrath Appraisal forms, Dynamic Landing Pages and the new look fact sheets. 
Appraisal Forms

Since upgrading our appraisal forms, we’ve increased our clients’ appraisal requests by 45%. 

Our email designs are built upon proven marketing strategies and principles in order to boost conversions and generate a strong ROI for our clients. Within the email templates, you’ll find subtle yet effective calls to action when it comes to requesting an appraisal. 

“Since starting with iRealty we’ve had our best results yet. In the first 40 days we’ve received 26 appraisal requests. Working with iRealty’s digital marketing team has saved us time, improved our results and made life easier.”

Karen Thompson McGrath Sutherland Shire and Illawarra.

The new McGrath appraisal forms contain less fields and pre-populate making submitting these appraisals a breeze for your subscribers. 

Dynamic Landing pages 

Populating your e-newsletters with too many listings is a sure fire way to lose engagement and increase your unsubscribes. Instead, we’ve created a dynamic landing page that acts as an extension of your email which features all of your properties, similar to a mini website. 

These dynamic landing pages links to the content in your email in order to keep the content relevant, tidy and appealing to the eye. You’ll avoid the temptation of drowning your e-newsletter in properties.

If you’re thinking, ‘my website has all of my listings, why can’t I link my newsletter properties to that?’

We needed a way to track your subscriber’s actions, engagement, insights and data in order to deliver you a comprehensive subscriber profile. We track the interaction on these landing pages the same way as we track the engagement within the emails. The moment a subscriber leaves an iRealty email and jumps onto your website, we lose the tracking and valuable subscriber insights. 

Fact Sheets

As part of our email marketing strategy, we believe offering valuable content keeps your database engaged and indicates what your subscribers interests are. To help identify which stage of the property journey your subscriber is at, we include fact sheets to determine this.

With our latest McGrath Template Suite you’ll stand out, stay front of mind while maintaining the McGrath brand. To learn how you can get started, click here to speak to our team today.

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