iRealty’s New SMS Builder made for Real Estate By , September 10 2019
We’re excited to announce our new SMS builder is now live!

It takes multiple touchpoints to close a sale and SMS marketing can boost your digital marketing efforts. If you compare the tidiness of your sms inbox to your emails, chances are you’ve kept your text messages under control and tend to them straight away. This means you have a higher chance of being seen by your contacts with the addition of this channel. 

Use SMS marketing alongside your e-newsletters to cut through the noise and stay front of mind. 

Whether you’re sending invitations to upcoming auctions, thanking open home attendees or growing your database by sharing your newsletter subscription link, you now have a powerful addition to your digital marketing strategy. 

How to use iRealty’s SMS Builder

You can start exploring the new SMS builder under the Campaigns section of your iRealty account. Simply choose the SMS option from the menu, click the ‘Create SMS’ button at the top of the page and follow the steps below:


1. Choose a Title

This is used for internal reporting only so make sure you choose a title that clearly identifies the content. Eg. ‘Auction Invite: 10 Example Road’.

2. Enter your Message 

Keep your message concise and to the point. Share links to your iRealty content by including URLs.

A personalization option is available to enter dynamic content such as the recipients name.

3. Enter a URL or select content you’d like to include

Rather than just use SMS to deliver a message you are now able to attach links or iRealty generated content with built-in tracking and reports. Either enter your own link into the ‘Redirect Url’ field or click the browse button (the little blue folder) and select from either Emails, Properties or the File Library. 

4. Enter an Unsubscribe Link

Including an unsubscribe link on your messages is optional but highly recommended on any messages that are being sent to multiple subscribers or that market a service or product. More personal content such as a ‘Thanks for Attending’ message after an open home should not require this option to be included.

5. Save OR Send

If you don’t intend to send your SMS straight away you can use the Save option, otherwise just proceed to the Send SMS button

6. Select your audience

Clicking Send SMS will open a new panel where you can select your audience, the available options include:

Entire List (not recommended)
iRealty Smart Filters
Entering a contact

We highly recommend using the Smart Filters to identify recipients based on their activity and interests rather than sending to large, undefined groups. You can also filter your contacts by only sending to contacts that have specifically opted into SMS alerts. Unsubscribed contacts are automatically filtered out and cannot be sent to under any circumstances.

After you’ve made your selection the total number of found subscribers will be displayed as well as the amount of available credits in your account, if you do not have sufficient credits you will not be able to click Next to proceed further.

Select your audience. We recommend using Smart Filters.
7. Send Details

In this section you can select who the message is coming from and the delivery time. You may also enable lead alerts (only compatible with messages featuring an iRealty Email or Property) and request an automated report.

When you are ready to proceed click Next.

8. Review your Send

Double and triple check that everything has been set correctly before hitting Send.

9. After Sending

A pop-up will appear in the top-right hand corner confirming the message has been scheduled

10. Reports

All SMS messages have reporting available under the Reports section. The level of reporting will vary based on the content included.

To add SMS credits to your account, call our support team on 1300 855 982 or emails us at  

 Key takeaways: Our new SMS builder will help you stay front of mind and build stronger relationships with your database. Remember, it takes multiple touchpoints to close a sale and using the right tools together can boost your digital marketing efforts. 

If you want to learn how iRealty can help you generate more leads so you can list more and sell quicker, speak to our team today.

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