Forget Cold Calls By , March 5 2019

Cold calling was once the go-to strategy for bringing in new business and converting leads into cash. The more people you contact the more sales you get right? Not quite.  

In our digital age, we’re spoilt with receiving targeted information that is relevant to us and instantly at our fingertips. To receive a cold call out of the blue that we did not ask for,  that is irrelevant and that takes up our valuable time is nothing more than annoying. As the caller, we run the risk of hurting our database by interrupting our entire contact list. We take a stab in the dark, hoping that somewhere amongst our hundreds of contacts, someone is ready to buy, and this often results in rejection and frustration.

The problem with traditional cold calling is that when you lack qualified leads, you’re more likely to bother  those in your database who aren’t in property mode. Identifying who is in property mode will help you know who to call and when to call them, will increase your conversion rate, and will likely result in more money in your pocket. So, how do you do it?

Through our targeted email campaigns and social media marketing, we analyse the data to identify the people who are preparing to sell or buy so you know who’s worth contacting.

There are three main elements we utilise

  1. Identify buyers and sellers via targeted email campaigns

With targeted emails we know what type of information your database responds to by analysing the conversion rate and click rate. With our technology, we can see what your customers are clicking on in the email itself so we know what they’re interested in. The cold call factor is removed when you call these contacts because they willingly clicked on your content.

2. Nurture client relationships and build trust

We nurture client relationships by ensuring we provide targeted information that is sent at the right time and to the right people. Trust increases when your contacts feel like they are understood because the information they receive is relevant and useful to them. By staying front of mind you become the go-to agent when your contact is ready to sell or buy. It may take months until a contact is ready for you to call them.  Keeping them in the loop with useful information will keep their trust and reduce the surprise factor when you do call.

3. Speed-to-lead patented technology

Once we’ve analysed your data, our Speed-to-Lead patented technology will alert you on a potential buyer or vendor so you can contact them straight away. Jarrod Perry from Hutton & Hutton says, “I have a pretty big audience of 25,000 people, so I can’t call each one every week… But through iRealty’s lead alerts I understand who, within that audience, may be looking to buy or sell at any particular time… That’s something that nobody else can do.” Imagine how much time you can save knowing that your call list is targeted, specific and backed up by data.

Key takeaways: Don’t go in blind and start cold calling your entire list. Utilise your online data to give you valuable insights on who to call, when to call and what information to provide to avoid disrupting your entire list. Qualifying your leads before you pick up the phone is key.

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