Features designed to simplify & impress

iRealty provides everything you need to deliver stunning emails with minimal effort while supplying invaluable intelligence.

Simple Builder

Email Creator

Design personalised messages using the intuitive, simplified email creator, and review your campaigns with both desktop and mobile layouts. iRealty’s email builder is designed to save you time. With custom branded templates, you know your emails will look stunning on every device every time you send. To keep the task simple and quick, we import your property images and details automatically, so you just need to choose the ones you want to share. We also collect thousands of Australian news and industry articles to help you send personalised, relevant content that appeals to your audience. You can also choose effective calls-to-action with evergreen industry content to identify the likely buyers and sellers in your database, and include helpful forms for contacts to requests appraisals when their in property mode.

Automated Property Alerts

Send automated property alerts to your contacts to let them know about upcoming open homes, new listings, sold properties, auction and price adjustments. Short on time? Automate your property alerts to the contacts that show the most interest. Simply choose the alert type, such as Open Homes, New Listings, or Price Adjustments, then select the email design and additional filters to keep your communications personal and relevant for your audience. Then choose the perfect audience with our Smart Filters, and schedule the automated send. Once set, you can forget the manual process, and continue to receive leads alerts.

Content Library

Reduce unsubscribes and stay top-of-mind by delivering the precise content your audience craves. Pick from thousands of real estate articles, market news, local stories and entertainment updates. We collect thousands of content articles daily to ensure agents across Australia can quickly choose content that is relevant for your their entire audience. Ranging from real estate lifestyle articles, industry announcements, and market news, we ensure agents are their contacts real estate experts. For everyone not currently in property mode, we collect news from national and local sources, and include the most popular entertainment articles. No matter where your subscribers are in their property journal, we have relevant content that will keep them interacting with your newsletters.

Property Integrations

Integrate with multiple property portals for efficient importation and add listings simply to email campaigns. Build personalised property newsletters faster than ever with iRealty’s automated property imports. To save you time, iRealty integrates with major property portals to bring your listing data and images through daily. This helps users build property newsletters in minutes by simply choosing all the listings they want to share. No need to manually add images or text. Want to share off-market opportunities before saving them to your portal? That’s easy too. Simply add the images and description in our email side editor.

Social Media Integration

Share your campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to enlarge your audience and reach your clients on multiple platforms. iRealty’s social media integration allows you to manage all of your digital communications through a single system. Whether posting custom content to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or sharing your listings or email campaigns, you can effectively share your messages across multiple channels to reach more of your audience. A digital strategy that uses social media, email, and SMS will be more effective than a strategy that only uses a single communication channel.

Automated Property Importing

Speed up the process of building your property newsletter by automatically importing the properties you want. We understand how busy today’s real estate professionals are, but we also know personalised, content-rich emails will always produce greater results. So, to help agents spend less time building effective emails, users can now automatically add listings to campaigns. This removes the burden of manually adding properties to newsletters, so users can focus their limited time choosing relevant content for their audience. This new feature reduces the time it takes to build effective property campaigns that will engage your audience, reduce unsubscribes, and generate iRealty’s leads.

Smart Features

Subscriber Insights

Capture insights from your clients digital activity to develop specialised campaigns and improve client engagement. iRealty’s Subscriber Insights removes the guesswork from your data. When contacts interact with your digital campaigns, they reveal insights about their email preferences, real estate interests and market behavior. We track their engagement and analyse their interactions to identify property preferences, their progress on the buying or selling journey, and automatically match listings to contacts. This ensures you know more about your subscribers and helps you have informed communications. The moment your contacts demonstrate market interest, we alert you via email or SMS and include key insights to help you make meaningful contact first.

Campaign Statistics Report

Judge the effectiveness of each campaign by analysing the simply displayed statistics and score invaluable intelligence into your audience’s activities. iRealty lets you track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by revealing key email statistics, such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate, lead rate and unsubscribe rate. You can view these as individual campaigns, or as overall account statistics that display the averages of your key stats. We also identify audience favourites to help you improve your communications over time and deliver the content your audience craves. iRealty’s Lead Reports break down your leads into Properties, Factsheets, Interactions, and Appraisals, and list important details to help you follow up with contacts, and convert leads into listings and buyers.

Lead Generation

Receive immediate email or SMS alerts that reveal each contact preparing to make a move in the market and be first in line to offer your assistance. Subscribers interactions within property newsletters reveal a lot. Everytime a contact signals market interest through their interaction, we immediately alert their agent so they can make contact first. Often, this is before they even walk through an open home. iRealty’s patented lead alerts reveal when buyers are preparing to enter the market, or show interest in a particular property. We also alert agents to home owners preparing to sell their home, or requesting an appraisal. Better yet, our smart Interaction leads identify movers the moment they demonstrate increased market interest through subtle shifts in their newsletter engagement. This helps agents offer their services in isolation, before competing agents are even aware of their market interest.

Property Prediction

Win more listings by showing vendors how their property will likely perform using iRealty. It will match subscribers to their property details, and reveal the overall engagement of similar properties. Predict the marketing effectiveness of listings and match likely buyers before ever sharing them. Our new Property Prediction Tool uses predictive data analysis to estimate how a listing will perform in iRealty, identify contacts that are most likely to be interested in the property, and show the campaign history of comparable listings. Agents can use this tool during their listing presentation to impress vendors and show off your industry-leading tools that will help you sell.

Smart Filters

Build dynamic subscriber groups based on contact details and campaign interaction to deliver personalised, relevant campaigns. We know targeted, personally relevant emails outperform generic email blasts, so we developed Smart Filters to simplify segmenting your audience. Smart Filters are dynamic groups that change according to user data and interaction. This allows you to target emails according to a combination of subscriber interests and personal details. Users can save these filters, and use them with the automated property alerts making your campaigns smarter than ever.

Property Insights

View overall campaign interactions on individual properties, subscriber matches, and comparable property interactions to track the success of each individual property Track each listings marketing effectiveness with iRealty’s Property Insights. They show each listings campaign history, including views, clicks, and leads. As well, we match database contacts to the location and features of the listing helping agents match likely buyers.The insights also include property comparisons to see how each listing performs relative to other properties, and to help agents educate vendors on their properties market interest. Then email the results directly to your vendors to keep them informed and impressed.

Email Series

Automate your campaigns and connect with your audience with minimal effort and ultimate effectiveness. Build a smart message series triggered by contact interaction to nurture your most promising lead prospects. Using email and SMS, you can automate a sequence of messages designed to nurture clients relationships or guide leads through their property journey. This works great to stay connected with past clients, communicate property matches to buyers, or to effectively convert leads into listings