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3 Must Have Newsletter Elements to Generate Real Estate Leads

Your database is a goldmine of real estate clients. The question is, how do you generate leads and reveal hidden buyers and sellers within your database?   The answer may surprise you. No, it’s not cold calling your entire database or door knocking in hopes of finding a property to list. The solution is to use an email template specifically designed to generate real estate leads.  We found there are 3 elements every e-newsletter should have to increase subscriber engagement and generate real estate leads. When our client incorporated these three elements in their newsletter template they instantly gained: 42 additional leads 17 property listings leads Increased their open rates which meant more eyes on their newsletter Improved their engagement as indicated by the increase in their click rate Our email […]

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A Simple Builder for Stunning Real Estate Emails

If using the right tools matter when you’re building a house, the same can be said for email marketing. Using the right tools for the job can get you ahead of the game saving you time and money. Our simple email builder connects our user-friendly tools to industry-specific content. It only takes minutes to complete and you can add your personal touch. Putting together a stunning email to produce more real estate leads while saving time and increasing profits is easy with iRealty. Matt Lancashire, from Ray White New Farm says, “of all the systems I have used over the years, iRealty is at the forefront of both efficiency, presentation and productivity. What used to take me hours, now takes me minutes.” Our simple email builder for real estate works […]

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6 Tips to Turn Real Estate Leads into Satisfied Clients.

Statistics show that you are 21 times more likely to qualify a lead by calling them within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes. Our ‘Speed-to-lead’ patented technology identifies the buyers and sellers within your database then instantly sends you a notification to follow up. If you have leads in front of you, it would be crazy to leave them unattended. A qualified lead is potential profit that’s sitting in your office right now. We’re all busy, but there’s nothing worse than seeing one of our prospects sell a property through another agent because we lacked follow up. Prospecting and nurturing your leads is an important aspect of your overall marketing strategy for real estate. Particularly, following up and qualifying your leads is a crucial part of the sales process. It requires […]

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To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag: The Guide to Using Your # Symbol

Gone are the days when the hashtag was just a button rarely used on your phone. The use of this unassuming symbol is now the norm in most social media interactions, and the love of the hashtag won’t be fading any time soon. For those relatively new to social media, a hashtag is the # sign, followed by a word or phrase. When posted it becomes a searchable link that connects other posts with the same hashtag. For instance if you added #sydneyrealestate to your post, anyone with that interest could find your post, whether they follow you or not.

Best (and worst) real estate subject lines of 2017

I am willing to wager your inbox overflows with new emails every day. I know mine does. Every morning I wake up to dozens of new messages waiting to be read. Some will be Facebook notifications, others will be airline advertisements, and a few will be actual messages from real people. My first response is always the same; scan the subject line and determine if the email is valuable to me. If not, I swipe right and delete. If it is, I might read it immediately, or come back later when I have more time to wander. Either way, emails that don’t make the cut are lost forever.

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The Unspoken Risks of Automation

Would you rather sit down for a coffee with Iron Man or Terminator? Boiled down, this is essentially the current digital marketing dilemma. Allow me to explain. If you google “digital marketing systems,” tech buzzwords will scatter across your screen, such as: analytics, data-driven, integration, and segmentation. But most common today is the proudly displayed automation. Yes, we all dream of a future in which our meters long list of monotonous tasks is swept into an automated system. This machine will do it all; door knocking, cold calling, blog writing, client prospecting, and will even pour cream into your morning coffee. Sounds great, right? Consider self-driving cars. I would love to close my eyes and count sheep all the way from Brisbane to Sydney. But could I? The first trip […]

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5 ways to maximise the impact of your emails

It’s the second week of January and most New Year’s resolutions have already been abandoned, and, let’s face it, we’re not too upset by it.  Why is that?  Well, we’re comfortable, routines are hard to break, and we never wanted to give up carbs anyway.  However, there are some goals that we should cling to, especially in business.  Specifically, as technology continues to transform the market, we need to adjust our strategies and improve our tactics.  So, to help you improve your marketing efforts, we have selected five ways you could increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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Cutting through the gadgets to make a real connection with clients

You need a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, ideally a network, a CRM, an online presence, online analytics, social media platforms, apps, and oh yeah: once you have it you need to maintain it! – It is easy to see why realtors feel overwhelmed and are often up in arms about finding the right strategy for dealing and engaging with clients in the digital age. Yet, rest assured there remain ways to do it well.

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