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A Simple Builder for Stunning Real Estate Emails

If using the right tools matter when you’re building a house, the same can be said for email marketing. Using the right tools for the job can get you ahead of the game saving you time and money. Our simple email builder connects our user-friendly tools to industry-specific content. It only takes minutes to complete and you can add your personal touch. Putting together a stunning email to produce more real estate leads while saving time and increasing profits is easy with iRealty. Matt Lancashire, from Ray White New Farm says, “of all the systems I have used over the years, iRealty is at the forefront of both efficiency, presentation and productivity. What used to take me hours, now takes me minutes.” Our simple email builder for real estate works […]

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Three content tips to add to your Real Estate Marketing Strategy.

Last year, my excitement to see Facebook’s latest update was quickly interrupted when I saw two sneaky ads embedded in my chat list. Camouflaged to look like a recent conversation, my digital marketing brain rejoiced at clever ad placement while my consumer mind revolted at the intrusion of yet another intimate space. My inner consumer won the battle and saw me blocking a Facebook ad for the very first time. It got me thinking. How many others were doing the same and what did this mean for the real estate industry? According to eMarketer one in four US internet users say they block ads. While Medium ranked Content Marketing as one of the top 5 trends to combat Adblock. This comes as no surprise as content marketing is about providing […]

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7 Powerful Ways to Improve Real Estate Emails to Clients

If you’re struggling to get your emails noticed, this article is for you. You can improve your real estate emails by focusing on providing relevant and engaging content. We give you 7 powerful ways to improve your real estate emails to clients by using engaging content. You’ll grow your database, generate real estate leads and nurture your relationships. 1. Understand the “why behind the why” You may know your clients as ‘young professionals’, ‘a family of four’, ‘retirees’ or ‘farmers’. However, you need to understand your clients on a deeper level. Identify their deeper motivations for buying so you can create relevant content and provide solutions they may not even realise they need. For example, you may have a lot of young families buying their first suburban property. Their initial […]

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6 Tips to Turn Real Estate Leads into Satisfied Clients.

Statistics show that you are 21 times more likely to qualify a lead by calling them within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes. Our ‘Speed-to-lead’ patented technology identifies the buyers and sellers within your database then instantly sends you a notification to follow up. If you have leads in front of you, it would be crazy to leave them unattended. A qualified lead is potential profit that’s sitting in your office right now. We’re all busy, but there’s nothing worse than seeing one of our prospects sell a property through another agent because we lacked follow up. Prospecting and nurturing your leads is an important aspect of your overall marketing strategy for real estate. Particularly, following up and qualifying your leads is a crucial part of the sales process. It requires […]

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How Outsourcing Can Take Your Marketing to New Heights

As an agent, you know that it takes more than just listing and selling properties to bring in the cash. In a highly competitive industry, the pressure to stand out and develop an online presence is higher than ever. Bringing in a marketing expert to do this for you means you can take the pressure off your shoulders and focus on what you do best. However, if profit = revenue – expenses, does it make sense to pay for another service when your administration team seem ok managing your facebook page? Absolutely. Outsourcing can actually save you time and money when done correctly. If you would rather be focused on selling and listing properties, meeting with clients and closing deals instead of writing emails and managing your social media accounts, finding […]

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Impress your database with stunning emails

When it comes to designing emails, there’s more to consider than just the style of font you use or colours you choose. If 38% of people immediately leave poorly designed websites, do unattractive emails stand a chance? With more content being published online every minute, the competition to stand out increases. Our client, Nathan Strudwick from Elders Real Estate, actually discovered us from one of our emails. He says, “I actually first found iRealty through another real estate agent. I thought, ‘Geeze, their newsletters look really good.’ Then I saw that iRealty did it.” So how do we do it? We use valuable content that’s sent to the right people at the right time. At iRealty we analyse your data to identify and segment your contacts into different consumer groups. […]

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Forget Cold Calls

Cold calling was once the go-to strategy for bringing in new business and converting leads into cash. The more people you contact the more sales you get right? Not quite.   In our digital age, we’re spoilt with receiving targeted information that is relevant to us and instantly at our fingertips. To receive a cold call out of the blue that we did not ask for,  that is irrelevant and that takes up our valuable time is nothing more than annoying. As the caller, we run the risk of hurting our database by interrupting our entire contact list. We take a stab in the dark, hoping that somewhere amongst our hundreds of contacts, someone is ready to buy, and this often results in rejection and frustration. The problem with traditional […]

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Top Email Tips You Need to Know for 2019

These days, it’s likely that your inbox is bursting at the seams and in need of a serious clean out. Businesses constantly bombard us with emails promoting their latest deals, leaving us more emails than we have time to flip through. What does that mean for the business on the other side of the inbox, sending emails and trying to dodge the delete swipe, or dreaded unsubscribe? One perk of providing email marketing to the Australian real estate industry is that we have access to the data of approximately 80 million emails sent each year. So we crunched some numbers to bring you the top email tips you need to know for 2019. Remember, we recommend looking at your own reporting to make an informed decision based on your audience. […]

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5 ways to stay warm during a cooling market

While bleak market forecasts continue to shower down in abundance, not all is dark and dreary for the Australian real estate agent. Sure, housing investment has flatlined and banks have restricted financing, but smart agents will take advantage of today’s market conditions and walk away with a stronger business. With better tools than ever and more marketing channels at their disposal, agents can get in front of more people for less cost and have better mechanisms to find buyers and sellers, and match them. So long as agents use effective strategies and tools that reach larger audiences, keep them connected with contacts, identify the market movers, win listings and sell properties, any agent can improve their business. So, what does that strategy look like? Well, to keep it simple, let’s […]

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Print vs Digital Marketing: The perks for Real Estate

If you ask anyone, I bet they’ll admit that digital marketing is the future. Despite this, a lot of agents still allocate over half of their marketing budgets on print media. I was astounded when a client told me that they spent over $6,000 per month on print media alone. This is just shy of 10 times more than the average digital marketing spend. With this in mind, if print media is on the way out, what digital marketing tactics should agents adopt to improve their strategy? And what are the exact perks?

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