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Simplifying your communications plan

A cornerstone of marketing is creating personal and relevant content and connecting to the right people at the right time. iRealty has developed a solution specifically for real estate agents who don’t have time to be news and IT gurus and who want to stay on top of their email marketing.

By | May 20, 2015 | article

Case Study: Starr Partners Merrylands

Starr Partners Merrylands, is an award winning real estate office and have been in the Top 50 Sales offices in Australia over the past 2 years. This office understands the benefits of eMarketing and have been sending weekly newsletters for well over 5 years. Their subscriber list contains many thousands of contacts. In the early days, sending a regular email newsletter was difficult! Their newsletter was created in Word, sent via Outlook and involved mostly copying and pasting. Creating and sending their newsletter would take their marketing team anywhere from 4 hours to a whole day to create and send. That’s all in the past now.  Over a year ago, they implemented the iRealty Solution

By | June 2, 2014 | Case Study

Remain your client’s trusted informer

Communicating regularly with your database is going to get you through 2014 and beyond. New Year Resolutions – it’s imperative to set your goals for the year – the act of striving to be even better than you were the year before. The ability to undertake a challenge and be proud to have achieved that goal is paramount to moving forward in your business. The real estate professional who sets a goal to achieve constant engagement with their database is able to achieve growth through a simple commitment to stay in touch.

By | December 15, 2013 | article
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