Budget friendly ways to grow your real estate database through social media By , March 18 2022

So you’ve set up your social media pages, built up a following, are reaching a large audience and finding steady engagement. You might think that now’s the time to sit back and relax. Your social media pages are serving their purpose.

But, are they?

If you’re not using your social media pages to direct users away from those pages and into your database then you’re not using them to their fullest potential. Yes, you read that right. Once you’ve developed an engaged following, your next goal should be to move those people off social media and onto your database. 

Why? Because email marketing is at least 4 times more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook.  

70% of people prefer to receive property advertisements via email so you’re far more likely to convert your contacts into a sale or a new listing via email marketing.

Today, we uncover the simple, budget-friendly methods to turn your followers into loyal members of your email list. Plus, we’ve included an exclusive content calendar with database building opportunities outlined!


We’ve all seen our fair share of competitions on social media. We’ve probably even participated in a few. Often we recognise the power of a social media competition to increase engagement on our social pages, but fail to recognise the power of a social media competition to take our followers off our pages and onto an email list.

You’ll often come across social media competitions with engagement-heavy requirements outlined.

  • Like our page
  • Tag a friend in the post
  • Share the post to your page
  • Comment below
  • Share the post in your stories

But, if you’re already producing plenty of engagement, these requirements might not be the best ones for you.

Instead, consider creating competitions designed to gather information and grow your email list. 

You could simply ask users to enter the draw to win your prize. Set up a form through an easily accessible platform and link your form in your post. Users can then easily fill in their details and you can randomly draw the winner once the competition has ended. 

Or, you can make your competition a little more interactive, while still gathering information. During Easter ask users to submit their lolly jar competition guesses to a form, for Halloween ask users to submit a snap of their Halloween costume! Find a fun way to have users enter into the competitive spirit.

The benefit of running a competition is that you can achieve submissions without necessarily needing to spend advertising money. However, you can increase your chances of submitted details with a little extra advertising budget!

Lead generation advertising

Many agents on first entering the social media space don’t realise just how many advertising options are available to them.

It’s often easier to simply hit the ‘Boost Post’ button and enjoy the satisfaction of the slightly increased reach and engagement on offer. 

But, using the Facebook Ads Manager or the iRealtySocial advertising solution, you can be much more specific with your advertising objective. Select lead generation and your ads will be optimised to produce leads.

The possibilities are endless with advertising for lead generation. You could advertise to find:

  • New buyers
  • Sellers
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • New contacts to fill the top of your pipeline

Set up a property ad for new listings to generate buyer or tenant enquiries. You can also set up advertising of your sales results for potential enquiries from sellers.

We recommend offering something in return for contact details! Rather than simply asking a user to submit their details for an appraisal, offer them something that makes them feel the buy-in (their details) is worth it. Exclusive selling guides, market reports or marketing tips, will benefit users and make them more likely to communicate with you.

Offering guides in your advertising also allows you to better categorise new contacts when they come through to you. If you’re offering a guide on selling an investment property and a guide on renovating a family home before selling, you can then implement different email strategies for enquiries on those ads.

If you’re still more comfortable with advertising for engagement or traffic to a landing page, you can try using an iRealty landing page to generate leads. For instance, our market prediction tool uses numbers from your email database to determine the number of contacts that could be a potential match for a users’ property.

Your profile set up

Your social media profile itself can be a powerful tool to grow your database.

If you set up your Facebook business page properly, for instance, it won’t just contain a shiny profile pic and nice cover photo! Your ‘About’ section, profile call-to-action button, even your Facebook messenger set up should encourage users to contact you in some way.

Let’s unpack that in a little more detail!

Your About section gives your users a brief overview of who you are as a business. This is where you’ll want to make sure you include all of your contact details – website, emails, phone number. Make it as easy as possible for users to reach out to you through Facebook.

Your call to action button sits at the top of your business page, so put some thought into where you want it to lead.

Would you prefer to have users message directly through Facebook, and collect as much information as you can through Facebook messenger. Would you like users to be encouraged to email you directly like in the example below? This way you receive their contact details! Is there a landing page you can lead to from this button, for users to submit their details to receive a call, a guide or information on your business?

Your messenger is also a powerful tool to encourage user communication and transition a Facebook follower over to an email list. Suggest common questions for curious users to ask on your profile itself, making it as simple as possible for your followers to reach out for information. 

Similarly on an Instagram profile, rather than linking to your website’s homepage you could instead use a ‘link in bio’ tool to provide multiple links, directing users away from your page and towards landing pages, specific sections of your website or to registration pages for events. You can also add links to your Instagram stories to draw people away from your social pages and onto landing pages.

Setting up your social media pages with the goal of encouraging more communication and generating more leads can be an entirely free way of growing your real estate database.

There are so many creative ways you can move your social followers over to your email list and these three methods are an effective starting point!

If you are in need of more pointers, download our social media content and ads calendar to get started.

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