3 tactics to secure extra listing appraisals By , August 18 2021

Securing listing presentations is one of the most important elements to a successful real estate career. Keeping your diary full of listing appointments is the best way to ensure you have new stock coming in and you are creating new, meaningful relationships with locals (even if they don’t immediately turn into a sale). 

It is likely that you will have your day to day prospecting tactics that makes it possible for your business to keep running and growing. The next 3 tactics won’t replace those, rather are simple approaches to bolster your appointment requests and interest at different times. 

Send a targeted SMS to your potential sellers

SMS has a 94% percent open rate, making it one of the most engaging marketing channels when reaching clients. According to research, 3 out of 4 consumers say they would like to be told about offers via SMS. It is likely you have a database of people who have shown some level of interest in selling over the last 6-12 months who are yet to list their property. These people are the perfect audience to target when reminding them of your success and your services. Here are 2 simple SMS scripts: 

Hi Tim, I hope you are having a great day. I just wanted to let you know we have sold 2 properties in your area in the past 7 days. Both have sold for well over asking price with a number of pre-approved buyers missing out. If you are interested in knowing the updated price of your property, just send me a quick reply and I will be in touch. Sally Agent 

Hi Tim, I hope you are having a great afternoon. I have been doing a number of appraisals in your street recently with most owners surprised at how much their property has increased in value over the last 6 months. I will be back in the area next week if you are interested in knowing the new price of your home. Hope to hear from you. Sally Agent 

Send a prospecting email to orphaned or older data (contacts that aren’t hot sellers or buyers) 

iRealty has been empowering agents to create effective email marketing strategies for nearly 20 years. Whether this is through the guidance of our customer success managers or working directly with an iRealtyPro account manager, we will typically advise clients to incorporate a whole database newsletter at least once a quarter. This newsletter is sent to those who are in your database that you may not have contacted recently. The benefits of contacting ‘older’ contacts are huge. Firstly, it will identify those who have changed email addresses with a bounce report. Secondly, it reminds people you are still the agent of choice in their area and thirdly, it gives you an idea of who might be returning to the market. But what do you include in these newsletters? 

Here are some elements you will want to include in your newsletter: 
  • A short and sweet introduction 
  • A preference survey – enables contacts to set their property criteria and identify what they need from the agent 
  • A recent sales story 
  • A complementary appraisal offer
  • Current market statistics
iRealty report insights

Utilise your marketing insights to identify those returning to market  

If you are frequently marketing to your contacts it is likely you will have useful insights about these people that may tell you who is about to enter the property market. These insights are a great place to start your call list. Take iRealty’s reports for example. Not only does iRealty create a unique report for each campaign sent, you will also have access to a report for each 7, 30, 60 and 90 days.  These reports provide you with knowledge of who has: 

  • Reactivated – Anyone who has not engaged with your content in the last 6 months who then starts to engage again. 
  • Identifies as a buyer or seller – iRealty will categorise the content that each contact interacts with, then is able to identify if someone is interested in selling or buying and their interest level. 
  • List all call to action interactions – Each call to action request will be sent to the agent in real time as a lead alert – However, you can be sure that no one slips through the cracks with every appraisal request, survey and enquiry being tracked in the reports.
Example non-branded ad

Bonus tip

Create a custom audience to reach your contacts on social media. While this may not be solely dedicated to securing appraisals it is fair to say that some people will be more likely to engage with you on social media than emails depending on their preferred platform to consume advertising. 

Put simply, a custom audience is an audience used by importing your email list (this can be active buyers or sellers and orphan data) into Facebook ads manager to advertise to. Facebook will then match the email addresses in your list with the emails people use to log into Facebook (on average Facebook will get around 30% match). This audience can be great to advertise your sales successes with and just let people know you are in the area getting great results. Check out our sample ad below above for a softer sell on generating some extra appraisals on social media.

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