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Get to know iRealtyPro By , April 12 2021

Since its inception in 2017, iRealtyPro (formally known as DME), has provided real estate professionals the opportunity to work with dedicated marketing specialists whilst leveraging the industry leading iRealty software. 

Over the past 3 years, the iRealtyPro team have worked with over 300 agents and offices to better their digital marketing practices and achieve better results. From providing a steady stream of appraisal interest, to helping agents build their brands, iRealtyPro has developed into the ultimate digital marketing option for real estate professionals. 

What is iRealtyPro: 

iRealtyPro is a marketing outsourcing service provided by a team of account managers within the iRealty business. The service involves working with a marketing professional to set marketing goals that are achieved through both email and social media marketing. As an iRealtyPro client, you will have access to personally curated newsletters, automated alerts, social media content schedules and paid social media advertising (Based on the agreed upon package obligations). To date, the iRealtyPro team has worked with 300+ real estate professionals across residential sales, rentals, commercial real estate, buyers agents, and 2 aged care/ lifestyle facilities. 

When becoming an iRealtyPro client you will be assigned an account manager who specialises in marketing, the iRealtyPro team however, is made up of other supporting professionals in marketing, graphic design and client support.

Social media marketing: 

Social media in real estate is an imperative marketing platform designed to create a two-way communication channel between agents and potential clients.

Social media content:

Social media content is one of the best ways to establish brand awareness and engagement. When done well, content is a strong foundation for generating inbound interest for your business. The iRealtyPro content package offers a personalised posting schedule that is designed, posted and managed by an account manager. 

Paid campaigns: 
  • On top of the content schedule, your account manager can manage social media advertising campaigns aimed to increase lead generation, promote your brand and generate interest for your business. 
  • Or select to promote your listings with social media advertising options aimed to generate more interest for your vendors properties with expression of interest forms. 

Email marketing: 

Marketing isn’t about getting attention, it is about keeping people connected with your brand. That’s why sending relevant content is so important. Sending too much or irrelevant content at times when people are not interested will cause people to disengage with your business. Specifically in email marketing this would be an ‘unsubscribe’. Whilst avoiding all unsubscribes is unrealistic, working with an account manager to optimise the frequency of your email sends, your audience and your content will help to lower your unsubscribe rate thus, reducing missed opportunities. 

The iRealtyPro packages are based on the frequency of a personally curated content newsletter. These newsletters are accompanied by automated alerts sent to those who are engaged in market information. 

Recent campaign results: 

With changes and new features under the iRealtyPro service banner comes exciting new client campaigns our team works on. When speaking with our senior account managers, they had some brilliant recent client highlights to share with us. 

  • Social media content:

    Working with an agent starting their own brand on the Sunshine Coast, our team created a social media presence that within weeks caught the eye of a developer who has since listed the development exclusively with the agent.

  • Property advertising:

    Working with a client in the north western suburbs of Brisbane our team developed a campaign for a property development which reached over 64,000 targeted potential buyers and gained 34 property leads.

  • Social media brand campaigns:

    Working with a Bondi based agent to build their personal brand across social media. Focusing on his knowledge of the local market and luxury real estate services the team have worked to create content on sales results, testimonials and suburb information which in the first few weeks gained nearly 30,000 in reach and 7 appraisal leads. 

    Whilst, working on the Brisbane northside with another luxury real estate agent who has gained 80 new followers in the first week of her campaign.

  • Email marketing:

    Working primarily on email newsletter marketing, a South Sydney agent gained 13 appraisal requests within the first 60 days of their newsletter launch. 

Speak to our team to learn more about iRealtyPro.

Over the last 3 years our iRealtyPro team have worked with over 300 agents to enhance their digital marketing and achieve better results. Whether its as simple as curating your monthly newsletter or a multifaceted digital marketing strategy, iRealtyPro can enhance your digital marketing. 

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