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iRealty Awards Summer 2020/21 By , March 29 2021

iRealty has been a long standing player in the real estate ‘Proptech’ industry. Over this time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s highest performing agencies, shedding light on how the best in the business conduct their digital marketing.

Last year we started our iRealty awards to highlight and celebrate our client’s achievements. 

The awards highlight key metrics in 4 categories celebrating results for, top lead generator, campaign, property and agency/ account. 

This month we were delighted to celebrate the outstanding achievements of 4 well deserving clients across 3 states. 

The content: 
Ray White Broome sends monthly newsletters that achieve outstanding results including an average click rate of 30% (over 15 times higher than the industry average).
The strategy: 
Their newsletter demonstrates the community values Ray White Broome holds with unique content including:  Team member of the month, tenant of the month, local news and market information, plus team updates. 
The results: 
  • 12 appraisals requested 
  • 209 leads generated 
  • 4 appraisals requested per campaign and over 65 leads. 
  • 30% average click rate 

Their Feedback: 

On speaking about how much value digital marketing brings to their business: 

Digital marketing such as email and social media are crucial to our business, especially in the ever evolving real estate landscape. These methods allow us to reach not only our customers and clients but the general population quickly, easily and effectively. Digital marketing methods are even more important for us due to the community we are located in. Our town (Broome) does not have dedicated mailboxes at each property, which is quite unique and makes it hard for us to distribute print marketing. 

Discussing the difference iRealty makes to Ray White Broome: 

iRealty has helped to keep our database clean and up to date. Our monthly emails allow our clients to let us know if they are still looking to buy, sell or lease. We frequently receive leads also. The greatest benefit to us is that our newsletter provides us with a consistent touch point every month for our clients that we don’t really need to think about.

Detailing their content driven email marketing: 

We really like to make our newsletters more than just your average real estate update. This is in the hopes that they will get more engagement and keep people coming back each month. We like to include local news articles, especially articles that refer to the local economy or major projects as we have a lot of out of area owners that like to keep their finger on the pulse. We also include updates and stories regarding our staff as we also find our clients love to keep up with us. 

Thank you to Drew Dwyer – Marketing Manager – Ray White Broome & Derby who provided feedback on the offices’ win. 

The strategy: 

David and Michael utilise iRealty’s social media campaigns to promote listings to relevant buyer segments on social media. This campaign included a lead form so buyers could register their expression of interest for the property. 

The results: 

This property generated over 10 leads from both social media and email marketing and reached more than 30 000 locals. The campaign ran for 5 days – 30,000 reach – 10 expression of interest.

Feedback from the agents: 

We have found the experience seamless so far, particularly from iRealty’s end detailing the leads we receive. 

The customer service surrounding the social media advertising has worked very well. We no longer have the administrative issues we previously experienced prior to using iRealty when it comes to paying for the social media advertising. – Michael Walter

The campaign: 

What’s new in the local market

The campaign:  

  • 33% open rate 
  • 36 % click rate 
  • 2 appraisals requested 
  • Unsubscribe rate > 0.1% 
  • 12 unique leads generated 

The strategy:

Send fortnightly newsletters to their nurture database. With automated alerts to people who are in property mode or returning to market.  


We were pleased to learn all sellers who had requested an appraisals have now had their property appraised and are in the pipeline to sell in the future.

The strategy: 

Send weekly newsletters and unique sales emails to targeted segments in their database. Each campaign encompasses multiple CTA buttons and banners to optimise lead generation. 

The results 

  • Identified 14 unique remarket entries
  • 2 appraisal requests
  • 57 property enquiries 
  • Over 500 unique leads
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