3 tips to enhance your listing presentations By , March 16 2021

Having a standout listing presentation will set you apart from competing agents and help you grow your business.

Every impressive listing presentation should include 3 things: 
  1. Your demonstrated success at selling similar properties.
  2. Your intentions to market and find buyers for their property.
  3. Data driven insights on the local market. 
In this article we will explore some simple preparation tips to enhance your listing presentation:
1. Prior to the listing presentation:  

If a seller has requested that you appraise their property, ensure you take advantage of this opportunity and be prepared to answer the seller’s questions potentially even before they ask them. 

Here is a short list to prepare prior to your listing presentation: 
  • Similar sales case study + recent testimonials: If you have sold a similar property to the sellers recently make sure to prepare a little case study on the sale.

    “I sold 3 Smith Street around the corner last month. We had 30 groups through the  first open home and 4 written offers by that afternoon. I still have a lot of buyers who registered their interest in that property looking for something just like this.” 

    Letting them know you have recent sales experience with similar listings should help them feel at ease in knowing you have qualified buyers. Follow this up with your recent testimonials and direct the sellers to where they can find your customer feedback online.

  • Market insights: As the property market remains strong, it is almost inevitable that the sellers property value has changed even in the last 3 months. Providing them with data driven insights on the local market will help to manage their pricing expectations.
  • Your professional pre-listing kit: Your pre-listing kit will compile the information for the seller to keep and review once the listing presentation is complete. In addition to above, your pre-listing kit will also include your marketing collateral highlighting the marketing channels you use to sell property. 
2. During your listing presentation:

After you have looked at the property in detail,  sit down with the potential seller(s) and explain how you intend to market and sell their property.  This is where you need to prove you are the best agent to choose. What do you do that’s different from other agents? Paint a picture in regards to your marketing approach. Of course this conversation is going to involve the usual marketing channels like your website, real estate portals, and photography options. Sellers may want to know what other steps you are taking to get their property seen. 

This is where iRealty can enhance your listing presentation: 

  • Showcase your buyer interest with property predictions: The iRealty Property Prediction tool displays how many ideal buyers are in the agent’s database at any one time. (see example)
  • Present your professional marketing packages:  Take iRealty’s  property campaigns for example. If a vendor opts to advertise on social media, you can incorporate our social media package options as a 2 page brochure in your pre-listing kit. Present the campaigns as an option to be seen by thousands of extra buyers and generate more expressions of interest for their property.
    Download a brochure or speak to our team about a branded copy today. 
  • Deliver your vendors with ongoing reporting: iRealty’s vendor reports allow vendors to see how their investment in social media and email marketing is tracking. This not only creates transparency between agent and vendor (and demonstrates ROI) but also saves the agent time. 
3. Post listing presentation – It’s all in the follow up. 

It is now easier than ever to find local real estate agents with sellers opting to speak to multiple agents prior to listing their property.  With this in mind, our final tip is to follow up and do so more than once. 

Thank the seller for their time of day and ensure they have no questions following the meeting. Let them know that you will be in touch with them with x information at x time in the future. Reiterate your intentions to market and sell their property, and include your professional marketing brochures. This can easily be done via email with a simple template. 

We recently spoke with an agent who won a listing simply due to his follow up email and pre listing kit. The competing agent who also appraised the property, had come from a family referral, appraised the property at the same value and had lower commissions. This is a key example of how listing presentations and what you do before and after to prepare and follow up really can make all the difference.

Learn more about how iRealty can help support you in generating leads and enhancing your marketing by speaking to our team today. 

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