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Don’t lose another listing: 3 tips to help sellers choose you By , February 15 2021

Sellers are becoming more and more involved in the pre-listing and sales process of their properties. With that comes in an increase in awareness and accountability necessary for agents to be chosen to sell homes. 

As a result, it is no longer enough to invest in marketing and other resources that do not help you firstly, know who potential clients are but also to help you convert them into vendors. 

Below we outline 3 key ways to help you become the agent of choice.

1. A marketing strategy that delivers growth (and leads)

All good marketing strategies should set out to achieve brand awareness, engagement and growth from followers that ultimately turn into leads. These goals are then tied to your marketing channels to help you build a following and start more conversations. Your marketing channels are the platforms you use to reach your audience.

The table below identifies 3 key marketing channels and the goals associated with them. When choosing a marketing channel, make sure you know how it is going to assist in achieving your business goals.

Example marketing channel/goal metrics
Example marketing channel/goal metrics
An unforgettable listing presentation 

A potential seller has let you into their home (literally), make your listing presentation the one they won’t forget by:  

  • Demonstrating your local knowledge: According to, local expertise is one of the top characteristics sellers look for. This is a combination of market statistics and recent sales prices in the area. As well as them knowing you are a local. They want to know you can sell the lifestyle just as much as selling the home. 
  • Have professional supporting resources: Whether is a 3D walk-through, social media lead campaigns or a spread in the local paper. Your pre-listing kit will include professional supporting resources to make you stand out. 
  • Highlight your buyer interest: Any agent can go into a listing presentation with the promise they have ‘buyers readily available’ it’s another thing to prove you have matched buyers in your database that suit the characteristics of their home. iRealty property predictions will tell you how many ideally matched buyers are looking for properties similar to that vendor in your database at that time.
iRealty Property prediction tool
Resources that improve productivity 

We all only have 24 hours in a day, but investing in resources that increase your output can assist in winning more listings. 2 key ways to do this are automation and outsourcing. Now you do need to ensure whatever model you adopt works effectively and shares the same quality of output you could yourself (or better).  

Let’s go into each model in a little more detail: 

Automation: There are many software solutions that offer automated services to support your sales cycle. However, you want to ensure the automation is part of the bigger picture. Automation should be used to support the other touch points you have with you potential and current clients. Check out our customer journey automation checklist to see where Automation fits in creating the perfect customer experience. 

Outsourcing: Now this does not mean offshoring your work to save money. Whether you are looking to outsource administration, marketing, or photography, you also want to ensure they are professionals in their field and they are going to do a better job than you would yourself. For example, iRealtyPro allows you to outsource your email and social media marketing to a team of industry specialised marketing professionals. This model will of course free up your time, but it will also ensure your marketing is aligned with your goals, looks great and is managed by a specialist.

It is now more important than ever to have the tools you need to firstly, identify potential sellers prior to other agents and secondly, showcase your competitive advantage.

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