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3 benefits of social media property campaigns By , September 24 2020

Historically, real estate agents have relied on newspapers, websites and portals, like REA and Domain, to promote properties to people they don’t already have in their database.   

Social media advertising allows you to broaden your marketing base whilst targeting specific areas and demographics. You can also identify those who are in the very early stages of research, a lot of the time before they even attend their first open home. 

If you couple this with the fact that social media consumption has skyrocketed this year with 70% of Australians now on social media and nearly 10% growth in social media consumption in the last 12 months. Social media has gone far beyond just a branding tool for real estate professionals. 

Below we take a look at 3 key benefits of social media property campaigns derived from conversations with clients using iRealty social media marketing services. 

1. Maximise buyer interest

The aim for social media property campaigns is to increase views and registrations on listings ultimately leading to increased buyer competition and a faster sale. 

There are lots of social media marketing techniques that can be used to maximise how relevant  a campaign audience is. 

These options include inbuilt targeting tools within Facebook’s ad centre as well as leveraging data within a client’s contact list to ensure a hyper-targeted approach.Take the following campaign for example. 

When a client wanted to advertise a rural business for sale, instead of targeting only people in the area that the agent had contact details for, our team worked with the client to target people in other rural communities looking for similar properties. This worked well as it increased the amount of interstate buyer interest the client would not have had access to without the campaign. 

With a bit of coordination you can use information from marketing one property to maximise the success of your next property campaign. This also helps to ensure that people who interact with one property campaign see any similar ones you run in the future (providing they are still buyers). 

This leads to a virtuous circle, where the more campaigns you run the more effective the campaigns are.

2. Secure open home or private inspection attendance 

Having people register interest in properties is great. However, there is nothing quite like having an extraordinary turn out to open homes and demand for private inspections. 

Firstly, you look great in front of your vendor, and ideally a busier OFIs creates a greater sense of urgency amongst buyers.

Once you have created your unique campaign target audience, you can then create a custom lead form for the buyers to register their details for a private inspection or open homes. This is a great opportunity as open home attendance recovers in most states. 

3. Grow your business 

Agents often rely heavily on open homes to build their databases.  However, in some areas within Australia inspections remain restricted.  

Promoting properties on social media is a great way to identify new contacts who are genuinely in property mode, some will be buyers. However, many will be researching and have a property they are considering selling.

Case Study: 

Earlier this month iRealty ran a social media campaign on behalf of Gaylia Griffiths who invested $300 to promote a property in Northern NSW across Facebook and Instagram. The response was great with 79 people providing contact details and registering their interest within 6 days. Not only does this provide an abundance of buyer interest for the property, Gaylia now has over 70 new contacts who she knows are interested in downsizing in her area, providing both buying and selling opportunities. Even better Gaylia was also able to grow her database within an area she previously hadn’t had much exposure. 


Social media campaign
Do you see the value in  social media marketing but need some assistance? 

iRealty can help. Our  social media advertising solutions are managed by our experienced marketing account managers within the iRealtyPro team. 

We have three standard packages for agents to present to vendors ranging from $150 to $500.  As a part of the process we will provide a branded overview of the package to present and explain details and benefits to your vendor.  

To learn more please give us a call or book a time for a demo.

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