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Q and A with our marketing account managers By , June 15 2020
Meet Claire and Samantha, our senior account managers

Claire and Samantha are iRealty’s senior marketing account managers working within our iRealtyPro team. Their role is to work exclusively with Australian real estate agents and offices to implement marketing tactics that increase their brand awareness, highlight expertise and provide more business opportunities.

We recently sat down with Claire and Samantha to discuss recent client campaigns and to answer any frequently asked questions for those looking to improve their marketing.

What is iRealtyPro?

iRealtyPro is a marketing outsourcing service for real estate professionals. Unique to the Australian industry, iRealtyPro was created to leverage our marketing software with specialised in-house expertise. To date we have worked with over 150 clients to send stunning email campaigns, grow social media accounts and implement vendor paid property campaigns.

What marketing can be outsourced to us?

Samantha: This service combines the power of the iRealty marketing software with the ability to work with an account manager to create personalised newsletters and set up automated alerts to nurture databases. We then help clients analyse their campaign results and customise reports so they achieve more return on investment.

Claire: Clients can also work with us to build their social media brand. We offer content management services across both Facebook and LinkedIn, utilising lifestyle content, relevant market news, custom graphics, and engaging property and market videos. As well, clients can work with us to generate more property leads and build their database with property campaigns.

Favourite campaigns you have worked on recently?

Claire’s Campaigns:
I’ve enjoyed working with Elders Newcastle and Lake Macquarie on their ongoing monthly newsletter. They achieve very strong engagement and on average 40+ leads each month from one email campaign. They’ve also recently been awarded the Elders NSW/ACT award for Digital Marketing.

We recently added customisable call-to-action (CTA) banners to the system, which allows us to be more specific with what leads we target. I immediately wanted to use this with my client Jean Brown Properties who has a very strong property management team and a goal to build their rent roll. They were one of the first clients to use this new feature and they had fantastic results, receiving 16 rental appraisal requests in their first send. On speaking with Jean I found out they had acquired new business for their rent roll and reappraised some of their current clients properties all from the 1st send.

Samantha’s Campaigns:
I recently worked with an office in rural, northern NSW to implement a social media competition. The brief was to increase their social media engagement while providing opportunities to increase contacts from their local audience. We decided to launch a prize giveaway competition and created custom graphics for promotional use. It was a fun way to reach their social media goals and build their brand through local community engagement. The outcome was great with just under 100 entrants all of whom opted into the mailing list with targeted categories such as buyer, seller or investor.

One of the more sales focused campaigns that comes to mind is Ray White Brisbane’s Auction campaigns. The client wanted to ensure auction interest and attendance was optimal and build up excitement for the event. We crafted a campaign that focused on interested buyers within the price range and area of each property. We promoted the listings with auction invites and lead forms so property interest remained high and more buyer leads were acquired. Each property then successfully sold at Auction which was an excellent result.

I couldn’t discuss my favourites without mentioning, Mareeba Property Office. Over the last 18 months, I have worked with their team to promote multiple listings. Working across different platforms for both vendor paid and awareness campaigns, MPO have increased their brand awareness achieving their goal of becoming the largest followed office in their area. They have sold various unique properties with highly targeted buyer interest (an avocado farm for example) and increased private inspection requests. Since the start of our lead generation campaigns we have also added just over 500 new contacts to their mailing list.

What process would a client expect from working with us?

Claire: The goal of iRealtyPro is to keep the process as smooth running and hands-off for our clients as possible, while still maintaining an excellent, personalised standard of work.

We start this during our ‘onboarding’ process; this is the stage where we work with clients to set marketing goals and determine our strategy. We encourage regular catch ups to assess any goal changes depending on the market and business. 

These strategy sessions also make for great opportunities to learn about new developments within the iRealty system itself. Our development team is constantly improving the iRealty software and as an iRealtyPro client, access to our new features is usually fast tracked.

Samantha: On the social media side of things the goal of the iRealty package is to develop brand reach and consistency. We regularly schedule relevant content, and clients can opt to add to that social media content with our paid advertising packages. These are designed to showcase listings, ultimately gaining more buyer interest and selling faster.

Why would an agent or office become a client?

Samantha: I have worked with individual agents, large sales offices, developers and property management businesses. The approach we take makes iRealtyPro versatile enough to enhance most real estate marketing. Any real estate professional looking to outsource their email and social media to an industry specialised account manager, would see the difference iRealtyPro makes.

Claire: The most obvious reasons to turn to us are time constraints and marketing expertise. Agents are time poor, but recognise digital marketing is a key factor to their business success. It’s not something that can be handed off to just anyone.

I have a lot of clients who are single agents looking to differentiate themselves from competitors, while still being able to devote their time to the day-to-day real estate needs. While for offices commonly they are looking for a more collaborative approach to marketing and want to provide their agents with a centralised system to view the marketing and access leads, all without logging into a system.

Final thoughts

iRealtyPro was designed to provide a service for real estate professionals to outsource their marketing needs. iRealtyPro is a means to collaborate with an account manager on both email and social media strategies that align with your local market and business goals.

Are you interested in working with our iRealtyPro team? Speak to our team to learn more today.

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