How to Improve your Open Rates for Real Estate Emails By , December 2 2019
In this video, learn how to improve your open rates, specifically for Real Estate.

Tracking your open rates is important for any successful email marketing campaign. You’ve put the effort in to create and send your email, so it makes sense to ensure your emails are being opened.

If you notice your open rates are dropping, try these tips from Sam in our iRealty Digital Marketing Team.

Here at iRealty we’ve achieved a consistent open rate of 24% for our clients, while the industry standard is 20%. Watch the video below to learn how we do this.

Three tips to remember:

  1. Look at what you’re sending
  2. Look at who you’re sending to – use iRealty’s smart filters to send to engaged subscribers 
  3. Keep your newsletters short and sweet with a mixture of content

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Key Takeaways: To improve your sending open rate, look at when you’re sending and avoid sending the same content to the same people. Stand out from your competitors and provide a healthy mix of content and properties in your e-newsletters.

Our team are more than happy to help you get your email marketing campaigns up and running. We can even manage it for you if you don’t have the time. Just click the button below to learn more.

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