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3 Simple Tips to Approach Your Real Estate Leads By , August 1 2019
Having a steady stream of leads is key to increasing your listings and gaining more real estate clients. With our patented lead alerts, we generate thousands of real estate leads for our clients every month.

The question is, what do you do once you receive a lead alert?

We’ve gathered three of our best case studies to help you approach your real estate leads. You’ll increase your chances of gaining more listings and closing more deals.

1. Make Contact First – Jarrod Perry, Hutton & Hutton

Although our clients were generating hundreds of leads per month, many hesitated when it came to contacting their prospects. After speaking to several clients, we found the reason for hesitation. It stemmed from the fear of being rejected by the prospect or the fear of coming across as stalkerish. Therefore, many of the leads were left unattended.

Leaving leads unattended is the one thing you shouldn’t do. Doing this essentially gives your opportunity away to a competing agent. Leaving your leads unattended is like digging up a treasure chest but not opening the box. When you make contact first, you’ll stay front of mind and increase your chances of conversion.

Jarrod Perry from Hutton & Hutton says,


“Your likelihood of securing a listing is definitely determined by how quickly you contact them. If you’re the 5th person to call, well what does that say? But if you call within 5 minutes, and you’re the first agent on the phone, that person’s going to be pretty excited, and the rest of the agents are in line behind you.” 

You’ve done the work to generate your leads through email marketing, don’t waste your efforts by leaving them unattended.

Tip 2. The Simple Conversation Starter – Anthony Tripodi, Belle Property Newtown

So how do you make immediate contact without feeling stalkerish?

The key is to use the information you have as leverage during your conversation, without revealing the actual details of their interaction. ie avoid telling your prospect you saw them clicking on your property 10 times.

Anthony Tripodi’s practical approach is to simply start an educated conversation based on the background knowledge you already have. 

The conversation would sound something like this,


“I’m sure you’ve just received my newsletter today,” and if they’ve opened up a house that’s on the market for auction, “how’s your home search going? We’ve just listed a few homes in the 1 to 2 range, does this property suit?”
And they engage, “Yeah, actually, we’ve just seen your email, and we’ve just opened up 50 station street. We think it’s beautiful, and we think we’ll come see it on Saturday.”
“Is there any more information you’d like from me?” Create and continue the conversation based on a background knowledge of what they’ve done.

Anthony explains that ‘making a call with an intent of understanding what someone is interested in is better than a simple cold call. It’s a warm call coming from a trusted advisor’s position.’

Tip 3. Foster a relationship – Nathan Strudwick, Elders Shailer Park

Finally, maintaining contact and fostering a relationship is just as important as initiating contact. Not everyone is going to be ready to convert to a client. 

Nathan explains,


‘There are soft leads and solid leads. Solid leads are the ones ready to go to market, or ready to buy a home, pre-approved, and then there’s the softer ones who are just doing a bit of research…I think agents out there need to address every lead and foster that relationship.
We’ve converted people that have clicked on properties into sales, and we’ve nurtured relationships with people who six months ago clicked on ‘The Process of Selling a Home,’ and converted them into a sale. Some of them are instant, and some of them take a little time. You want to go into an appraisal in isolation, and not in competition, and the more that can happen for you as an agent, the better your strike rate is going to be.’

We cannot stress how important it is to action your leads and contact your prospects. With these three tips based on successful case studies, you’ll no longer feel nervous, stalkerish or unprepared when contacting your leads again. 

Key takeaways: Don’t leave your leads unattended. You’re more likely to convert your prospects if you’re first in line to make contact. Start a simple conversation with the intent of understanding what your prospect is interested in then use the information in your lead alerts to create an educated conversation. Finally, remember to maintain an ongoing relationship with your leads and remain front of mind. 

Knowing who to contact and when will put you miles ahead of the competition. If you want to learn how iRealty can help you generate more leads and keep you front of mind, speak to our team today. 

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