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How to Choose Content for Real Estate Emails By , June 10 2019

Choosing newsletter content that resonates with your subscribers and achieves results can feel a bit like guesswork. 

If you break it down into these three steps you’ll find it’s much simpler than you might at first think. Real Estate emails to clients don’t need to be boring. With these tips, you’ll increase subscriber engagement and stay front of mind.


1. Know your area, your community and your content

Understanding the predominant needs and wants of your database will ensure that you choose relevant content for them. It’s simple, if you sell property in an inner city area that’s popular with young professionals, your articles should be tailored to that group of people. If you sell in a coastal haven that’s popular with holidaymakers then your content will be completely different.

Relevant content will keep your audience reading on, rather than skimming through and will build anticipation for your next newsletter. It’s a great relationship building tool, as it shows your database that you understand their wants and needs. You’ll make your real estate emails to clients feel tailored rather than generic.

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When your subscribers are too focused on your newsletters.

2. Choose content that builds your ethos/credibility

You should view your content as a form of social proof.

Imagine the contacts in your database are subscribed to three different agents’ newsletters: one agent sends out nothing but property listings, one sends out generic fluff content and one sends out a variety of real estate guides, tips and news tailored to what their database wants or needs to know. Which agent do you think this contact is more likely to trust with the sale of their property?

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When choosing the content you want to include in your newsletter, you should first consider what is most likely to increase your credibility with your clients.

When choosing the content you want to include in your newsletter, the first thing you should consider is what is most likely to increase your credibility with your clients.

Here a few content types that I recommend for real estate emails to clients:
Property guides and tips

Anything from guides to buying your first home, property investment tips, or how to choose a mortgage loan. You can even use content like this as a type of lead, or relationship building tool. If you see in your reports that a subscriber is clicking on your guide to styling a property for sale multiple times that’s information you can arm yourself with when you speak to them next.

 Local and real estate news

Sending your database newsletters with recent property news or even local community news is a great way to increase your credibility. If you’re the first person to tell a contact about a recent development in the property market, you’re the first person they think of when they need up to date advice and information. If you send them local community news or events, you also prove that you know and love your area, which makes you the best person to sell a property in that area.

Your own blog content and office news

Don’t just send your subscribers to third-party websites for content. If you have a blog or news content of your own add it to your newsletter. Your clients are more likely to trust the advice and insights in your content if they know it’s coming directly from you. Office updates and news can also give your newsletters a personal touch, if you’ve recently changed offices, received a fantastic testimonial from a client, or welcomed a new member to your team, that’s all information your database wants to know.

Using content like this will make you a go-to source for local market information and updates.

3. Use your iRealty reports to determine what works best

Choosing the perfect content doesn’t have to feel like a guessing game. By using your iRealty reports you can determine what types of articles are resonating most with your audience and what you should include in your real estate emails to clients. You’ll find everything you need in the iRealty Reports section. To learn more about iRealty, click here

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For example, if your top 3 news articles show:
  1. Expert Painting Tips

  2. Check Out Our New Office

  3. QLD Attracts UK Property Seekers

This indicates your subscribers are most interested in these topics:
  1. Home Improvement

  2. Office Updates & News

  3. Local Real Estate News

This knowledge makes life so much easier. Instead of searching through endless articles, you can focus your attention on finding content that is already proven to engage your database. It’s always good to continue testing this. Try new types of content and then use your iRealty reports to check how that content has performed in comparison to others. 

If you want to transform your real estate emails to clients but don’t have the time, we have a team of experts who can do it for you. Click here to learn more.

Key takeaways: Choosing the right content for your newsletters makes real estate emails to clients exciting. Remember, know your community and your area to deliver tailored information that’s relevant to your subscribers. Your content is a way for you to show social proof, so choose content that builds your ethos and credibility. Finally, use your reports to track how your content is performing and what resonates the most with your subscribers.

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