7 Powerful Ways to Improve Real Estate Emails to Clients By , April 29 2019

If you’re struggling to get your emails noticed, this article is for you. You can improve your real estate emails by focusing on providing relevant and engaging content.

We give you 7 powerful ways to improve your real estate emails to clients by using engaging content. You’ll grow your database, generate real estate leads and nurture your relationships.

1. Understand the “why behind the why”

You may know your clients as ‘young professionals’, ‘a family of four’, ‘retirees’ or ‘farmers’. However, you need to understand your clients on a deeper level. Identify their deeper motivations for buying so you can create relevant content and provide solutions they may not even realise they need.

For example, you may have a lot of young families buying their first suburban property.

  • Their initial why could be: They need a new/bigger house.
  • Their deeper why: They want a new house to call their home where they can raise a family in a community that they love and feel safe, where their children will grow up and go to school. They want a home that will essentially be a huge part of their family’s history.

When you start to look at the deeper why, it gives you a holistic view of your client’s needs to then create content that is relevant, appealing and engaging.

2. Provide valuable, implementable information that is relevant

With a wider perspective of what’s important to your customers, you can start identifying information that’s valuable to them. It’s important to keep your clients up to date with new listings, however, this is only filling the gap for one part of their buying motivation. Continuing with our example of the young family purchasing their first home, you could provide information about nearby schools, sporting clubs, community events and things to do on the weekend in the area. This called “area specific content” that also complements and supports their initial need.

iRealty uses smart data and analytics to show how your clients are interacting with your content. We notify you as soon as this engagement occurs as we consider this to be a valuable real estate lead.

3. Find your unique voice

Finding your unique voice is deeply tied to your branding, your customer base is and the message you want to deliver. You want to be engaging and constantly offering value. Imagine speaking directly to a single client, rather than to the masses. Your clients will feel like they’re having a one on one conversation with you rather than being spoken at.

4. Tell a story

Stories are a powerful way to deliver your message and build strong relationships. Storytelling evokes an emotional response, triggers nostalgia and builds human connection. If you’re concerned that you’re not a writer or an author, consider that storytelling is everywhere- we do it every day. Telling your colleague about your morning or your weekend is storytelling. As you get to know your clients and their journey, this becomes a story you can share. Such as the moment you found your client their dream home or when you just sold a property of an owner who has lived there for most of their life.

5. Use a strong headline that’s clickable, searchable and shareable

There are 3.3 million Facebook posts every 60 seconds, let alone the other 3.7 million Google searches* that happen at the same time. The emphasis on having a strong headline that’s clickable, searchable and shareable is greater than ever, especially if you’re including blogs and articles in your real estate emails.  Not only do you want your content to catch the attention of your clients, but you also want them to continue reading.

Use strong words that shows your reader they’re going to learn something valuable. Words like, ‘tips, lessons, ways, strategies and secrets’ help your reader identify that this information is relevant and useful rather than a title that is vague or confusing. Adding a number also helps to boost up the engagement as the logical side of our minds can visualise a list and makes content easier to digest.

6. Have a strong call to action

A strong call to action guides your client to complete the next steps you want them to take. For example, do you want them to request an appraisal or share your blog so you gain more visibility? Or did you send an email promoting your next open for inspection that you want them to register for? Having a clear call to action provides directions and the ‘next steps’ so that the content you’ve worked hard to create is utilised effectively.

7. Timing your content based email

The final step is knowing when and to who you should send your content to. If you’re constantly emailing listings to your entire database, yet only a small amount of your contacts are in property mode, you’re most likely going to have unsubscribes as they’re receiving information that’s irrelevant to them. Using iRealty’s smart filters and insights, allows you to analyse your database and segment your clients so the right people receive the right information at the right time. You’ll stay front of mind at every stage of their customer journey.

We understand that creating engaging content is time consuming. That’s why we created our content library that allows you to easily search and input relevant articles. If you need help creating content, the iRealty team are ready to fulfil your digital marketing needs so you have more time to do what you do best. Click here to learn more.

Key takeaways: Creating powerful content begins with understanding your audience’s underlying needs and wants. The content you create should answer their questions or provide relevant information that’s useful to them. Find your own voice to stay authentic and leverage engagement by providing directions through a clear call to action.


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