How Outsourcing Can Take Your Marketing to New Heights By , March 28 2019

As an agent, you know that it takes more than just listing and selling properties to bring in the cash. In a highly competitive industry, the pressure to stand out and develop an online presence is higher than ever. Bringing in a marketing expert to do this for you means you can take the pressure off your shoulders and focus on what you do best.

However, if profit = revenue – expenses, does it make sense to pay for another service when your administration team seem ok managing your facebook page?

Absolutely. Outsourcing can actually save you time and money when done correctly. If you would rather be focused on selling and listing properties, meeting with clients and closing deals instead of writing emails and managing your social media accounts, finding a marketing expert could be the solution for you.

Cost Effective – save time and money  

  1. Time is money – outsourcing can free up more time for you so you can stay in your genius zone while leaving the rest up to the experts.  If admin staff are spreading themselves thin trying to balance their administration duties plus your email and social media accounts, the quality of your marketing efforts can suffer. Not to mention the negative impact on office productivity and efficiency due to time spent elsewhere.
  2. Increase lead generation – outsourcing your marketing means you have experts working to get your name out there, bringing in new leads and nurturing customer relationships so you have a steady stream of leads to contact to increase your listings and identify buyers. With less time spent on marketing, you can spend more time meeting clients and increasing your profits.

Leave it to the experts

A key aspect of powerful content is to position yourself as an industry leader that your customers can turn to. Anyone can write an email, but finding the time to write a good one filled with relevant content that converts is a different story. Outsourcing your marketing gives you skilled resources from industry experts. Email marketing is more than sending one email and forgetting about it. Outsourcing to an expert means your campaigns are tracked, monitored and the data is analysed to report performance. Managing social media accounts requires knowing what to post, when to post and managing the social interactions that occur – all time consuming tasks.

iRealty’s Digital Marketing Experts send fortnightly newsletters, set up weekly OFI emails and manage your social media accounts. If you’re worried that outsourcing your marketing will lose your personal touch, we ensure we work with you to keep your brand message personal and consistent. These marketing experts will work with you and your team to bring you more leads and customer insights that will transform your business. While you can free up your workload and focus on what you do best.

Key Takeaways: Focus your time and efforts towards what you do best and leave the other areas of the business to experts who can do it for you. Although outsourcing is an expense, having a team working behind you to increase your leads and bring in more business will increase your ROI.

Our team are more than happy to step you through the process of outsourcing and how we can help you create and manage your digital marketing strategy. Click the button below to learn more or schedule a time here to speak to one of our experts. 

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