Impress your database with stunning emails By , March 11 2019

When it comes to designing emails, there’s more to consider than just the style of font you use or colours you choose. If 38% of people immediately leave poorly designed websites, do unattractive emails stand a chance?

With more content being published online every minute, the competition to stand out increases. Our client, Nathan Strudwick from Elders Real Estate, actually discovered us from one of our emails. He says, “I actually first found iRealty through another real estate agent. I thought, ‘Geeze, their newsletters look really good.’ Then I saw that iRealty did it.”

So how do we do it? We use valuable content that’s sent to the right people at the right time.

At iRealty we analyse your data to identify and segment your contacts into different consumer groups. Our custom newsletters are designed to optimise data collection while ensuring ease of use,  relevant content, a clear message and a strong call-to-action. It’s crucial to ensure your email content is relevant, digestible and able to be viewed across multiple platforms to avoid losing subscribers.

Relevant Content

Consumers are more in control of what they want to see, even without realising it. Relevant content keeps your subscribers engaged and valued, especially when it comes to email marketing.

Your contact’s inbox is a valuable place and an intimate way to directly share your message. Sending the right emails will help nurture, grow and increase trust with your database. In an age where attention spans have been reduced to mere seconds, this is increasingly important. When your customer feels valued and trusts you, you’ll be front of mind when they’re ready to buy, rent or sell.   

If you bombard your customers with irrelevant information, you run the risk of alienating them and losing subscribers. Keep your message clear and relevant to the different buying stages of your contacts. Within your database, you’ll have customers at various consumer stages. Some can be identified as buyers right now, while others aren’t in property mode.  Eventually buyers become sellers, so it’s crucial to be able to pinpoint when these stages happen, who’s in what stage and what message is appropriate for them.

We include content such as industry reports, real estate articles, local news stories and even entertainment. Your contacts will feel like you’re speaking directly to them rather than receiving a vague, mass-broadcasted email. How your subscribers interact with the content indicates which topics resonate the most. From this data we learn more about your customers’ behaviours to enable more targeted information that strengthens the relationship.

Clear call-to-action

The power of persuasion is heightened when you have the attention and engagement of your customers. Ensure you are including a clear call-to-action button in your emails to take advantage of their engagement. For example, if you want your customer to register for your open day and your email shows your OFI list, a button that takes them to the registration page is crucial. If the call-to-action button is not clear or is missing, you lose out on valuable leads. It’s also important to maintain consistent contact with your database to build momentum and increase anticipation. The more they anticipate your email the more likely they’ll be to open, read, engage and act upon your CTAs therefore increasing your conversion rates.  

Useability, functionality and visibility

Can your subscribers easily access and open your emails on their phones, laptops, ipads and computers? In the age of smartphones and tablets, you need to ensure useability across platforms. If your subscribers have to wait until they’re back in the office just to open your emails on their desktop, they probably won’t stick around for long. Ensure your email layout is easy to read and navigate through with strong visuals that support your brand.

Key takeaways: A stunning email does so much more than look good. Build trust with your contacts by consistently providing useful and relevant information then analyse their interactions to know how to segment your database. Ensure your emails are functional across platforms and provide strong call-to-action buttons to achieve your goals.

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