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Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Why? For starters, 73% of millennials prefer to receive ads through email according to Adestra. Additionally, email marketing is getting smarter. Gone are the days when email was just a blind advertising blitz. Today, you can create targeted campaigns with powerful AI automation that identifies leads, and delivers them to agents in real-time. This means you can spend less time juggling your marketing efforts by using proven systems that produce demonstrable results.
However, only emails specifically designed to generate leads will elevate your efforts, and set you apart from most agents.
We have identified 5 ways you can empower your emails to not only strengthen your connection with contacts, but also learn who is prepared to make a move. To make sure your property newsletters generate leads, try the following tips in your next email.
Be personal – Your emails are the perfect opportunity to display your personality and unique charm. Even though you may be sending your newsletter to a massive audience, you can still add elements to make it feel personal and intimate. Embrace conversational language, and include a friendly image to establish a relationship, and help them feel comfortable with you. As their trust grows, they will seriously consider your offers.
Here, we can see Nathan included a great personal photo, and included a small message for his readers. As well, he included his contact details (discussed below) and made sure to link them to his email and social media pages for simple redirection.

Contact Details – Your contact details should be clear and visible, or easy to find in your newsletter. The longer it takes your followers to find your details, the less likely they are to contact you. With most people viewing emails on mobile devices, it also helps to have your phone number and email address clickable. This way they can contact you directly from your email, and they won’t get side-tracked in their own email system or by adding your number in their phone manually.
Call-to-Action Buttons – Every email you send should encourage your contacts to act in some way, like to view your listings, or read helpful tips. Effective calls-to-action will convince your readers to accept your offer, and click to learn more.  They should be clear, concise, and standout from the rest of your content. Each time your subscribers click a link inside your email, you receive insights into your subscriber’s interests, which makes it easier for you to make meaningful connections with them later. Your subscribers click history details their client journey. By knowing their interests, and what stage of the journey they are on, you can send targeted signposts to guide them towards your services.
Jarrod included a few Calls-to-Action near the top of his newsletter beside his personal details. They are effective because they are clear and they stand out. 

Example of Calls to action in email newsletter

Expository Content – When selecting content for your newsletters, consider anything that reveals the needs of your subscribers. Listings should always be included, since they expose your contact’s property criteria, but even news journals and real estate articles can offer helpful insights into what your audience craves. Try articles that help you identify segments within your database, such as sellers, investors, or first-time home buyers, such as “House & land package vs apartments,” or “Are Australians too scared to invest in property?”
This helpful article successfully engages with readers, and provides you with valuable information. Anyone that clicks on this item should be considered a potential buyer so you can provide targeted offers later.

Content that exposes client interests.

Service Offers – Every message you send should include service offers. This can be as simple as a “Free Appraisal,” banner in your newsletter, or a unique service you provide. It could even be a softer service offer such as following you on Facebook, connecting on LinkedIn, or subscribing to your “Exclusive Club” to learn even more great tips. Just ensure to always offer your subscribers an opportunity to connect with you, and accept your services.
This offer functions well because it not only offers an essential service for clients looking to sell, but the image is engaging and eye catching, and the banner functions as a button or link to forward your clients to a landing page to sign up for an appraisal.

Appraisal Example

Once you have optimised your emails to generate leads, you can sit back and let your system do all the hard work.
Do you have any insights to add, or ideas you would like to run by our experts? Leave us a comment below, or send us a message through Facebook or LinkedIn and we can chat.
Have a fantastic day!

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