Elevate your Social Media Marketing By , July 11 2017

Facebook recently announced they have over 2 billion users, and over half of them are daily users. Not only that, they compete head to head with Google in terms of digital advertising space. So, it makes sense that businesses everywhere are desperate to use Social Media marketing to improve their brand awareness, develop a loyal audience, and generate leads. Real estate is no different.
However, most agents simply don’t have the time, knowledge or the resources to personally manage an effective social media strategy. This is completely understandable. The brutally competitive real estate market creates a dangerous environment for the idle agent. You must focus what little time you have on activities that sell listings. Anything else is dead weight.
Even if time is available, the odds are social media marketing is still a bit of a mystery to you. Posting content is simple enough, but with only 3 to 5 percent of followers seeing your organic posts, a deeper understanding of social media’s marketing features is required to develop a significant presence.
Given these large hurdles to success, people often give up before they see the fruit of their efforts, or keep plugging away with a blind hope that their hard work will eventually pay off. This is unfortunate, given the potential reward that awaits those savvy agents that use social media to their advantage.
To get you started, we have compiled a shortlist of best practices that can save you time, and help you become familiar with social media’s core features.

  1. Post lots of content: Even if you already have a large following, only a fraction of them will see your posts. Instead of posting once a week, try posting at least a few times a week to increase the total views and keep your followers engaged.
  2. Mix up your content: Social media is a great place to display your new listings and upcoming inspections, but there are countless ways to connect with your followers beyond the common property post. Add a 360° image to show off your auction crowd, or livestream a tour of your latest listing.
  3. Add value: Some followers won’t be prepared to sell the moment they meet you, but you should keep them engaged through helpful tips that will help them as they prepare. Consider offering your expert advice to help people maintain their property, or simple ways to add value to their home.
  4. Repost your content:  Save yourself time, and repost popular content. Anything older than a week will generally be forgotten, so feel free to repost your tips or service offers to ensure more total views.
  5. Get a Social Media Management Tool: This is a must for the time strapped agent. These apps allow you to create content in a single platform, and distribute it through multiple social media channels. Each one has its own feature list, so consider your needs, and find one that works well for you.
  6. Use paid advertising: Boosting posts means more total views, and increased engagement, but social media advertising offers so much more. Facebook Ads allows you to create custom audiences, or target your database, with specific campaigns designed to boost your brand, engage your contacts, or generate leads.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. If agents expect to be relevant in the next ten years, they need to build their digital presence and utilise the unfamiliar tools and features social media offers. Only then will they unlock the power of social media.
How have you used social media effectively in your marketing? Let me know, I would love to share additional insights to help you find more success. Just share in the comments below.

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