5 emails to help you hold on to clients By , February 2 2017

You know it’s crucial to stay in contact with your clients. Yet, you may sit down to prepare a message, and struggle to know what to say, or what content to include. Questions probably run through your head, such as how often should I contact them? What should I talk about? Have I included enough content, or is it all too much? A common question we hear is, “should I send the same message to everyone or should I tailor each message for each recipient?” Our answer is yes. Both can be effective, although most marketers would consider those fighting words. The reality is you don’t always have enough information to develop a targeted message for each contact (unless you’re some sort of wizard, you probably don’t have the time for it either). Luckily, most systems enable you to personalise emails automatically. So, do what you can with what you’ve got. Even if you only have their email address, you should reach out regularly to stay connected.
While an effective digital connection strategy will establish patterns that remove most your recurring questions, we have developed a simple solution that may be all you need. By using these 5 types of emails, you can effectively stay connected with all your contacts and guide them towards future sales.

  • Introductions – First impressions matter. So, it’s critical to wow your contacts from the beginning. These emails are arguably the most important messages you will ever deliver since they determine whether your readers tune in or ignore all future correspondence. Use it to welcome them aboard, introduce yourself, establish expectations, and demonstrate the inherent value of your services. Save yourself some time by creating an automated welcome message for all new contacts when they sign up.
  • Newsletters – According to a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, 72% of adults prefer businesses to communicate through email, and 86% said they would like to receive messages monthly. Developing a monthly newsletter can be an easy and effective way to stay in touch with your entire database, display your listings, and offer your expertise and services. Most of your contacts will not be prepared to sell the moment you meet them, so a monthly newsletter can strengthen your relationship over time, and keep you top of mind. Regular newsletter campaigns can be sent to your entire database, although it helps if they are personalised and include content that pertains to each reader. Remember, you want to keep your readers engaged, so be selective and choose a few listings and articles that you consider valuable. If you have time, craft newsletters for each segment of your database.
  • Invitations – Everyone loves invitations. We all like to be remembered and appreciated. If you have any inspections, auctions, or other special events, invite every contact that lives nearby, or has shown interest in similar properties in the past, and see who turns up. Odds are, these are your leads that are progressing down the buying/selling journey. Your invitation should be clear and focused, so it’s best not to include additional content that may confuse the intention of the email.
  • Promotions – You may be tempted to simplify your sends by including everything in your newsletter. After all, you are busy enough as it is. However, adding too much content to your campaign makes it difficult for readers to examine all the material. If they struggle to find content that pertains to them quickly, they will likely lose interest in the message, and possibly choose to swipe past future campaigns. That’s why sending promotions on their own can be so effective. If you have a new listing that hits the market and you want it to generate buzz, consider sending it alone to really attract attention. These sends are most effective when delivered to appropriate contacts that would find the promotion relevant.
  • Customary – Sometimes it’s nice just to receive a simple greeting, thank you, or holiday message. No business, no agenda, just reaching out to wish a friend well. While they may come off as impersonal or mechanical to new contacts, they can be a welcome message for previous clients and long established connections. Consider using these messages occasionally to reconnect with long lost contacts or anyone with whom you have developed a relationship. They will appreciate the gesture, and hopefully return the favour when they decide to make a move in the market.
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