Make the Most of your Time By , November 10 2016

You already know what you need to do.  It’s obvious.  You need to meet with new clients and hold on to the old ones. It’s the how that’s the hard part.
To put it simply, you are busy.  To put it accurately, there isn’t enough daylight to possibly accomplish everything in your overloaded schedule.  Between phone calls, paperwork, chasing appraisals, racing to appointments and delivering effective marketing, there just are not enough hours in the day.  Something inevitably gets shoved to the back of the shelf with other items of good intentions, like follow up phone calls or weekly newsletters.  iRealty simplifies many of these processes, giving you more time to focus on what matters most, but effective management of your digital marketing still takes up your critical time and dwindling energy.
We get it.  Juggling is exhausting.  We just want you to know that we understand, and are here to help.  
Here are a few insights that can simplify your sends, and help you get the most out of your newsletters.
               1.  Have ideas prepared – Ideas come at odd times.  Sometimes they drift in while driving, dreaming or watching our favourite show, but rarely do they come on demand.  If you have ever sat down in front of a computer and struggled to find words to type, you have experienced it.  Take time before you send to consider your audience, your properties, and any suitable content that might resonate with readers.  Then, store your ideas and have them prepared for the moment you have to create your campaign.
               2.  Keep your message simple – If our subscribers wanted to read a novel, they would go to a bookstore.  Personalised messages help us relate with our audience, but we don’t want them to get lost in the text.  Deliver a short message that helps you connect with your readers and establish expectations, while guiding them to the primary content of your newsletters, the property listings and targeted articles.
               3.  Future Sends – Often we scramble to throw our marketing campaign together the moment it needs to go out.  Unfortunately, those are rarely convenient times, and it forces us to create a coherent message while we are swimming through a sea of distractions.  Not an easy job.  Instead, try creating your newsletter during slow periods that will have minimal interruptions.  Then, use the future send feature to schedule your newsletter for the most effective time.
               4.  Deliver Relevant Content – If our subscribers only wanted to look at properties, they would look on a growing list of real estate websites.  When they open our newsletters, they are trusting us as their local expert to deliver relevant content.  With a quick glance through your reports, you can identify the most popular content articles you have sent in the past.  Then, find similar articles with our convenient Content Library.  It allows you to search by topic or area so you can find articles suited for your subscribers.
               5.  Reach more people through Social Media –  We have a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account.  We have spent a lot of energy building them up, and developed a loyal following.  So, naturally, it seems like a perfect place to post our recently crafted newsletter.  Yet, we are consistently surprised by the relatively few clients that utilise iRealty’s social media integration.  It only takes a few seconds, but it can dramatically increase the exposure of your listings and content.  Just encourage your audience to share the newsletter with their friends and family, and your potential client pool grows exponentially.
               6.  Follow your Leads – Not everyone has time to pour over reports and research data trends to discover who their next client will be.  iRealty’s speed to lead delivery system was created to identify leads so you don’t have to.  So, take advantage of it.  Ensure your lead alerts are turned on and tuned to deliver quality leads the moment your clients express interest.
               7.  Use Last Weeks Newsletter – Before you stop reading in fear that my ideas have suddenly lost steam, watch this video, and I’ll demonstrate how you can save time by reusing a pre-designed eMailout campaign.
As you can see, there are many ways to simplify your sends, and make them more effective.  These are just a few ideas though, and we know there are many others.  What does your office do to speed up the process and make your newsletters more relevant for your readers?  We are always interested to learn something new, so please share it in the comment section below.

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