Cutting through the gadgets to make a real connection with clients By , June 21 2016

You need a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, ideally a network, a CRM, an online presence, online analytics, social media platforms, apps, and oh yeah: once you have it you need to maintain it! – It is easy to see why realtors feel overwhelmed and are often up in arms about finding the right strategy for dealing and engaging with clients in the digital age. Yet, rest assured there remain ways to do it well.

Getting down to talking to the right people at the right time.
In an era of instantaneous and unending online activity it is important to truly know and understand how to communicate and connect. You need to ensure not only your in-person communication, but all other interaction via other channels (including phone and email) is warm, personal, and authentic.
This means seeking to make a connection with future clients that is both sophisticated online and authentic in-person is essential. You do this by using targeted content marketing to build customer relationships online that can transfer to in-person interaction.
The distinction between talking and communication in software.
What is ideal is software that can offer you precision and sophistication over just outright size. Certainly, you need to use apps and tech that allow you to reach and engage with a large audience. Yet, just like a billboard on the highway is not nearly as effective for a lengthy engagement as a catalogue in the mail is, so too is there a real difference in the quality and style of online engagements.
Become an attraction agent.
A targeted and precise marketing strategy – over a ‘catch all’ but impersonal approach – offers the richest opportunity for a return on investment out of all the marketing opportunities around. Seek out a digital marketing tool that allows you to successfully put your message before potential clients, but emphasises overall your accessibility and approachability to them.