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We encourage our clients to send regularly, and are often asked ‘but won’t my readers get sick of receiving my emails?’. They will if the content is irrelevant to their situation, but if your client fits into specific or multiple segments and you don’t take the time to note that, you may miss out on a lead.
Contacts can be assigned to one or multiple groups or mailing lists. Some examples are:

Open For Inspection Attendees
Make sure you are noting down the email address of anyone who attends your open for inspections. Creating a group for the property, and adding these contacts into your database means you can send a ‘thank you for attending – the next open time is…’ and other related information on the property. In the unfortunate event that a contract falls through, you can immediately contact this group of interested parties.
This could be broken down even further, for example if you knew a particular group were only interested in inner city apartments, you wouldn’t send them rural acreage for sale. Investors are also a great group for content marketing. They love to hear about market updates and potential negative gearing law changes. Our extensive library containing articles of interest makes it easy to search and add content into your newsletters. And because it links to the published article, you don’t have to worry about copyright.
First Home Buyers
Young buyers are also great candidates for content marketing. They will be interested in hints and tips about the buying process, and you will want to make sure you are sending them properties within a realistic price range. Consider utilising our survey tool to qualify their capabilities.
Family Homes
An important point to take into account is the lifestyle of the buyer. There is no point sending a family with 4 children newsletters containing 2 bedroom apartments (unless you know they’re in the market for an investment!).
Particular Suburb Interest
Is your goal to become your areas expert? If you know a group of your contacts is interested in a particular suburb you can search our content library for that postcode to bring up relevant news articles and stories. Is a new supermarket being built, or public transport being improved? These are all very important factors to consider as a buyer and may be the prompt someone needs to view one of your listings. If a potential seller reads your newsletter and sees that you’re their local expert, they may be more inclined to trust you with their sale.
After you send your newsletter, it’s important to analyse the report. This can give great insight into what your contacts were interested in, along with who did and did not open your email. If you wish to re-market to those who did not open, it’s a simple method of asking the system to regroup for you and send again using a different subject line. Or you may wish to re-market to certain groups with new content that carries specific information on a particular topic or property.
These are just a few ideas of the many ways you could segment your database to send meaningful content. It ultimately comes down to the types of contacts you communicate with, and your marketing strategy. We believe a more targeted, personalised approach achieves the best results, and keeps you top of mind with your readers.

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