3 Simple tips for nurturing your real estate leads By , December 16 2015

Any successful real estate agent will tell you that you can’t be passive in your efforts to attract new business. If you just list properties and wait by the door until a buyer comes knocking, you will have a hard time getting ahead. In the next 12 months, an average of 3.5% of property owners in Australia will actively be seeking to make a transaction in the property market.

The process of a consumer buying and selling property is not an overnight decision and usually isn’t made on impulse. This process is known as the Decision Making Cycle and it is split up into 6 phases which can vary in length – several months to over a year. Throughout these phases a consumer is either active or inactive in the cycle – meaning they might mention an interest in selling to their spouse as opposed to attending open homes with their spouse.
Even though a sale does not happen until the end of the active stage of the cycle there are significant opportunities to pique a consumers interest in a property or at the very least, build a meaningful relationship which could lead to winning a listing.
No one knows better than you how important quality leads are to the success of your business. Take advantage of the powerful resource you have – your list of contacts. Start using effective content marketing to nurture potential leads through the inactive stages of the decision making cycle and guide them to the logical conclusion in choosing a real estate agent to list with, YOU.
You can be most effective in your nurturing by doing these things:

  • Send regular, personalised email communication to all your contacts
  • Include articles of interest as well as properties to help you connect with your contacts
  • Be active on social media and post your email newsletters

We are big believers in utilizing valuable content in your marketing efforts – it helps you connect on a much more personal level. Don’t waste your opportunities by relying on automated systems to send out impersonal emails which bombard your contacts with properties. It might save you time now but the potentially negative future impact on your contact list may cost you more than time.
We specialise in helping real estate agents build engaging relationships with their contacts and grow their business effectively.
If you’d like to get ahead in 2016 then you need iRealty.
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