What's your database worth? By , December 10 2015

We get it, finding properties to list on the market is not always easy – really, it can be a lot of work. As a Real Estate Agent, your business relies on continually getting new properties to sell.
Did you know that you could be sitting on a gold mine of property listings?
Your contact database, regardless of size, is certain to contain not just buyers but sellers as well. Do you know the potential worth of your current database?
In the next 12 months, an average of 3.5% of property owners in Australia will enter the market to sell their property.

Let’s say you have 1,000 contacts in your database – that works out to be 35 potential listings over 12 months. Now let’s assume your average commission on a sale is $6,000.
1,000 Contacts x 3.5% = 35 Listings
35 Listings x $6,000 Commission = $210,000
That’s $210,000 without focusing anywhere other than your contact database. If those figures sound appealing, you might be wondering just how you go about getting these listings.
Well, that’s where we can help.
At iRealty, we can show you how to locate the potential listings in your database – and not just that, we can also help you find buyers for your listings.

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